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4-1BBL Gene family

4-1BBL Background

4-1BBL is the high affinity ligand of 4-1BB, also known as CD137L or TNFSF9. It is shown to be a type II surface glycoprotein belonging to the TNF superfamily. Expression of 4-1BBL is restricted to APCs, such as dendritic cells, macrophages, and activated B cells. Members of the TNF-TNF receptor superfamily have been shown to play critical roles in regulating cellular activation, differentiation and apoptosis. Several studies have reported that 4-1BBL/4-1BB interaction provided a co-stimulatory signal to T cells, and increased T cell proliferation and cytokines production. In additon, 4-1BBL is involved in cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Reference for 4-1BBL

  • Cheung CT, (2007) Neutralizing anti-4-1BBL treatment improves cardiac function in viral myocarditis. Lab Invest. 87(7): 651-61.
  • Wang C, et al. (2009) Immune regulation by 4-1BB and 4-1BBL: complexities and challenges. Immunol Rev. 229(1): 192-215.
  • Habib-Agahi M, et al. (2009) 4-1BBL costimulation retrieves CD28 expression in activated T cells. Cell Immunol. 256(1-2): 39-46.

4-1BBL Protein

4-1BBL protein function

Cytokine that binds to TNFRSF9. Induces the proliferation of activated peripheral blood T-cells. May have a role in activation-induced cell death (AICD). May play a role in cognate interactions between T-cells and B-cells/macrophages. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:20032458}.

4-1BBL protein expression

Tissue specificity

Expressed in brain, placenta, lung, skeletal muscle and kidney.

4-1BBL protein sequence

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4-1BBL Antibody

There are 10 4-1BBL antibodies which are validated in multiple tissues with various applications, including ELISA, FCM, ICC/IF. There are 6 4-1BBL antibody for ELISA, 5 4-1BBL antibody for FCM, 1 4-1BBL antibody for ICC/IF. Among all these 4-1BBL antibodies, there are 5 anti-4-1BBL rabbit monoclonal antibodies , 5 anti-4-1BBL rabbit polyclonal antibodies . All the 4-1BBL anbodies are produced in house and all are in stock. 4-1BBL antibody customerized service is available.

4-1BBL Gene

TNFSF9 gene / cDNA is a protein-coding gene which located on 19p13.3. The TNFSF9 gene is conserved in Rhesus monkey, dog, and cow.111 organisms have orthologs with human gene TNFSF9.