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Antibody Production CRO Service

Recombinant Antibody Production Services: High-Throughput

Recombinant Antibody Production Services: Large Scale

Antibody Fragment Production Services

Mouse/Rat/Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody/Mab Production

Antibody Purification CRO Services

high monomer purity antibody production low endotoxin antibody production GLP Grade antibody production & purification service IgG Antibody Production & Purification IgA Antibody Production & Purification IgM Antibody Production & Purification

Antibody Affinity Purification Resin / Argarose Beads

Protein A Affinity Purification Resin Protein G Affinity Purification Resin Protein L Affinity Purification Resin

Transient Transfection Antibody Production Service

Transient Transfection Technology in HEK293 Cells Transient Transfection Technology in CHO cells Transient Transfection Service for Antibody Production Affordable Large scale transfection reagent: Sinofection

Custom Antibody Development CRO Service

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Services Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development Service Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development Service ELISA Antibody Development Service Western Blot Antibody Development Service Immunohistochemistry Antibody Development Service Flow Cytometry (FACS) Antibody Development Service

Antibody Humanization Engineering CRO Service

Chimeric Antibody Engineering Services Mouse Antibody Humanization Services Rabbit Antibody Humanization Services Antibody Fc Engineering Services Antibody Affinity Maturation Services

One-Stop-Shop Antibody Service at Sino Biological

Sino Biological offers One-stop full services from antigen production to antibody products, including:

Antibody Development Services
• Recombinant protein antigen expression, production, and purification;
• Peptide antigen design, synthesis (out-sourced), and conjugation;
• Animal immunization, bleeding, and serum titer measurement;
• Mouse hybridoma development services: fusion, clone screening, and cell banking;
• Rabbit monoclonal antibody development services;

Antibody Production Services
• Antibody gene synthesis
• Antibody expression vector construction
• Antibody transfection plasmid production and purification
• Transient transfection in HEK293 cells or CHO cells
• Large scale antibody production by stable CHO cells
• GLP grade antibody production
• Antibody production by hybridoma cell culture
• Antibody purification and polishing
• Antibody characterization and QC testing

Antibody engineering services:
• Antibody chimerization service
• Antibody humanization service
• Antibody Fc engineering service
• Antibody characterization services

Easy to Manage:
Our antibody service is simple to manage from customer point of view. You only need to send us a request detailing your antibody service needs by e-mail. You can be totally hands-off and just ........ <Learn More>

Questions and Answers on Antibody Service at Sino Biological

Q: What is included in one-stop-shop antibody service package?
A: On-stop-shop antibody service package includes antigen production, immunization and screening, antibody production, quality analysis, antibody subtype identification, antibody gene cloning, antibody humanization/chimerization, and antibody affinity maturation.

Q: What information or material do I need to provide to Sino Biological and what deliverables do I get? Do I get the hybridoma clones?
A: Please provide the information of antigen and describe the target quality specifications of the final product. Please refer to the request form for required information. The deliverable is customized and it can be purified antibody, hybridoma cells or antibody sequences.

Q: What are the milestones and what is the timeline?
A: The main milestones are antigen production, antibody development and antibody production. The timeline for peptide design, synthesis and conjugation is 4-6 weeks. The timeline for antigen protein production depends on the chosen expression system and the difficulties to produce. Please refer to protein production service section for details. The timeline for polyclonal antibody development is 9-12 weeks. The timeline for mouse/rabbit monoclonal antibody development is 4-6 months. The timeline for antibody production is 4-8 weeks, depending on the required quantity. ........< Learn More>

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