B7-H6 (蛋白 | 抗体 | cDNA 克隆 | ELISA 试剂盒)

All B7-H6 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 2 B7-H6 Antibody, 15 B7-H6 Gene, 6 B7-H6 Lysate, 6 B7-H6 Protein. All B7-H6 reagents are ready to use.

B7-H6 Protein (6)

B7-H6 Antibody (2)

B7-H6 cDNA Clone (15)


克隆载体 cDNA 产品

In lentiviral vector


克隆载体 cDNA 产品


克隆载体 cDNA 产品

B7-H6 Lysate (6)

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