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CEBPG / CEBP gamma 抗体, 兔多抗

表达宿主: E. coli  
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CEBPG / CEBP gamma antibody 研究背景

CEBPG, also known as CEBP gamma, is a transcription factor which belongs to the CEBP family. Members of this family regulate viral and cellular CCAAT/enhancer element-mediated transcription. CEBP proteins contain the bZIP region, which is characterized by two motifs in the C-terminal half of the protein: a basic region involved in DNA binding and a leucine zipper motif involved in dimerization. CEBPG binds to the enhancer element PRE-I of the IL-4 gene. It Might change the DNA-binding specificity of other transcription factors and recruit them to unusual DNA sites.

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