ELISA Antibody Development Service Description

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ELISA Antibody Development Service Description

ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. ELISA assay typically requires a pair of antibodies specifically recognize the antigen to be detected and quantified. To develop a sensitive and specific ELISA assay, one needs to have a high-affinity capturing antibody and then a detection antibody.

ELISA application is the basic feature of an antibody. Sino Biological's ELISA antibody development service is the basic package of our antibody development services. It is simple and easy to develop an ELISA positive antibody and hence it is the cheapest service among the different antibody development package. If you are interested in developing an ELISA positive antibody for your research work, please contact us and specify whether you need polyclonal antibody or monoclonal antibody. In addition, please let us know if you prefer mouse or rabbit monoclonal antibody as we have in house technology and capability to develop both. Rabbit monoclonal antibody is of higher quality but also cost more to develop. Contact us now to learn more of our ELISA antibody development services.

How to Submit a Request for Antibody Development Service?

If you are interested in using our antibody development services to support your antibody discovery and development program, please contact us by leaving an on-line message or send us your detailed request to CRO-service@sinobiological.com. Based on the quantity and quality requirement of your request, a formal quote will be send back to you for your review, comment, and/or acceptance.

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