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3 Steps to win! Scientific Award!

Win $25 Amazon Card by Submitting a scientific publication/experiment results using one or more products purchased from Sino Biological Inc.

EXPIRE DATE:2014/12/31

Find the products page by typeing the product Name/Cat NO. into the search bar on top. (or search on to our homepage)

Click "submit an reference", then log in or register as a registrant.

Fill in the blanks according to the tips and click "submit" ! (experiment result could fill "none" in some blanks)

  • Two or more products used in one experiment or publication can receive only one gift card.
  • To win this award, Publications submitted must include "Sino Biological Inc" and published between Jan 1st and Dec 31th, 2014. In addition, only the the first author could receive the award.
  • To win this award, experimental results must include at least one picture to  add authenticity.
  • This scientific award Only valid outside mainland China.
  • The award will be evaluated according to the authenticity and innovativeness (new method, application, organ etc.) of your work and released within 4 weeks after your submittal(to your E-mail left on our website).
  • Sino Biological Inc. has the right to use experimental results or publications that submitted in vary ways.
  • Any questions about this activity please contact: / +86-010-51029809-899.
  • Sino Biological Inc. reserves all rights to explain or change any regulations of this activity.
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  • Du B , Luo W , etal . Lgr4/Gpr48 Negatively Regulates TLR2/4-associated Pattern Recognition and Innate Immunity by Targeting CD14 Expression.Journal of Biological Chemistry , 2013 . May 24 ; 288(21):15131-41.
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