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Sino Biological 8th Anniversary Promotions

Special discounts for genes(2015.3.9-4.30)

Promotion 1:( Promo Code:SB20150301)
1. 20% off for GFP(GFPSparkTM) & OFP(OFPSparkTM) Fluorescent Vector at the price of $236 (10μg).
2. BOGOF(buy one get one free, list below) for the positive control vector(10μg) per order.

Gift List(positive control vector)

Catalog# Product Name Catalog# Product Name
CV024 pCMV3-N-OFPSpark Control Vector CV026 pCMV3-C-GFPSpark
CV025 pCMV3-C-OFPSpark Control Vector CV027 pCMV3-N-GFPSpark
Promotion 2:( Promo Code:SB20150302)
1. 20% off for 10000+ qPCR primers at the price of $63.2 (200 tests), low to $0.316/test.
2. BOGOF (buy one get one free, the same size, list below) for the control primer per order.

Gift List (control primer)

Catalog# Product Name Catalog# Product Name
HP100001 human ACTB qPCR primer pairs HP100009 human PGK1 qPCR primer pairs
HP100002 human B2M qPCR primer pairs HP1000010 human PPIA qPCR primer pairs
HP100003 human GAPDH qPCR primer pairs HP1000011 human PPIH qPCR primer pairs
HP100004 human GUSB qPCR primer pairs HP1000012 human RPLP0 qPCR primer pairs
HP100005 human HPRT1 qPCR primer pairs HP1000013 human RPLP1 qPCR primer pairs
HP100006 human HSP90AB1 qPCR primer pairs HP1000014 human SDHA qPCR primer pairs
HP100007 human LDHA qPCR primer pairs HP1000015 human TBP qPCR primer pairs
HP100008 human NONO qPCR primer pairs HP1000016 human TFRC qPCR primer pairs
  • Rules and Regulations:
  • > Promotion time:2015.3.9~2015.4.30
  • > Customers can enjoy both bonuses at the same time
  • > Gifts can only be picked from the lists
  • > Please provide the Promotion Codes and Catalog numbers for gifts while ordering
  • > Please log in www.sinobiological.com for specific items
  • > Sino Biological Inc. reserves the right of final explanation and revision for the terms