Meprin beta (蛋白 | 抗体 | cDNA 克隆 | ELISA 试剂盒)

All Meprin beta reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 4 Meprin beta Antibody, 26 Meprin beta Gene, 1 Meprin beta Lysate, 1 Meprin beta Protein, 1 Meprin beta qPCR. All Meprin beta reagents are ready to use.

Meprin beta 分子背景

Meprins are cell membrane, oligomeric metalloendopeptidases composed of two distinct but evolutionarily related subunits, alpha and beta.MEP1A mapped to the short arm of chromosome 6 by the use of radiation and somatic cell hybrids. More specifically, it is localized between the centromere and GSTA2 in 6p11-p12. MEP1B mapped to chromosome 18, by the use of somatic cell hybrids, in 18q12.2-q12.3, proximal to the TTR/PALB gene.