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ADAMTSL4 (ADAMTS Like 4) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 1q21.2. ADAMTSL4 is also known as TSRC1, ECTOL2 and ADAMTSL-4. The human ADAMTSL4 gene encodes a 116545 Da protein containing 1074 amino acids. The ADAMTSL4 protein is biasedly expressed in placenta, lung and other tissues. Among its related pathways is Metabolism of proteins and O-glycosylation of TSR domain-containing proteins. ADAMTSL4 is related to peptidase activity and protease binding. THSD4 is an important paralog of ADAMTSL4 gene. ADAMTSL4 is associated with some diseases, including Ectopia Lentis Et Pupillae and Ectopia Lentis 2, Isolated, Autosomal Recessive.

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    The ADAMTS (a disintegrin-like and metalloproteinase domain with thrombospondin-type 1 motifs) protein superfamily includes 19 secreted metalloproteases and 7 secreted ADAMTS-like (ADAMTSL) glycoproteins. ADAMTSL4, a secreted glycoprotein, was earlier found to play a critical role in a prognostic signature for primary glioblastoma multiforme (pGBM). ADAMTSL4 mutations seem to be the most common cause of isolated ectoplia lentis (EL) and thus are important concerning the differential diagnosis of connective tissue syndromes with EL as a main feature.

    ADAMTSL4 参考文献

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    • Neuhann TM, et al. (2015) Adamtsl4-associated isolated ectopia lentis: Further patients, novel mutations and a detailed phenotype description. Am J Med Genet A 167a (10): 2376-2381.
    • Hubmacher D, et al. (2015) Adamts proteins as modulators of microfibril formation and function. Matrix Biol 47 34-43.

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