IL-12 Family:
Integral Cytokine in the Immune Response

The IL-12 family includes five members, IL-12, IL-23, IL-27, IL-35, and IL-39, each of which consists of two subunits: an alpha chain subunit (p19, p28, or p35) with a four alpha-helix bundle structure and a beta chain subunit (p40 or EBI3) that is homologous to the soluble class I cytokine receptor chains. IL-39 is a newly discovered cytokine, research reveals that it stimulates neutrophil expansion or differentiation and is involved in promoting inflammation. Within the vast array of bioactive cytokines, the IL-12 family is the only heterodimeric cytokine family.

IL-12 family members are integral cytokines in the immune response. They are important mediators of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, uveitis, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The function of the IL-12 family cytokines largely depends on IL-12 family receptors. IL-12 family cytokines signal through heterodimeric receptors and mediate the downstream effects through Jak/STAT signaling pathways. Jak2 and Jak1 or Tyk2 mediate the phosphorylation of STAT proteins related to the receptors of IL-12 family cytokines.

Sino Biological has developed a panel of high-quality proteins and antibodies for IL-12 family cytokines and receptors to facilitate the study of IL-12 family.

IL-12 Family Profile:

Cytokines Subunits Receptor Complexes Phosphorylated STAT Proteins Main Functions
IL-12 IL12B (IL-12p40) + IL12A (IL-12p35) IL12RB1+ IL12RB2 STAT4 Pro-inflammatory effects
IL-23 IL12B (IL-12p40) + IL23A (IL-23p19) IL12RB1+ IL23R STAT3 + STAT4 Pro-inflammatory effects
IL-27 EBI3 + IL27 (IL-27p28) gp130 (IL6ST) + IL27RA STAT1 + STAT3 Pro- and anti-inflammatory effects
IL-35 EBI3 + IL12A (IL-12p35) gp130 (IL6ST) + IL12RB2; gp130 (IL6ST) homodimers; IL12RB2 homodimers; IL12RB2 + IL27RA STAT1 + STAT4 Anti-inflammatory effects
IL-39 EBI3 + IL23A (IL-23p19) gp130 (IL6ST) + IL23R STAT1 + STAT3 Pro-inflammatory effects

IL-12 Family Cytokines: Immunological Playmakers

The IL-12 family cytokines play important roles in shaping immune responses during antigen presentation. They also play crucial roles in regulating the functions of various effector cells. Sino Biological offers a comprehensive collection of IL-12 family cytokines, many of which have validated activity.

Bioactive Recombinant IL-12 Family Cytokines

Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; R: Rat; Mar: Marmoset

Molecules List of IL-12 Family Cytokines

Antibodies Against IL-12 Family Cytokines

Sino Biological has developed a vast array of antibodies against IL-12 family cytokines with multiple applications (WB, ELISA, IHC-P, FCM, and ICC/IF) and labels (HRP, PE and APC). Antigen affinity purified antibodies are also available.

Featured Antibodies Against IL-12 Family Cytokines

Partial List of Anti-IL-12 Family Antibodies


Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; R: Rat; Rh: Rhesus

IL-12 Family Receptors

The IL-12 family receptors also consist of two protein chains. IL-12 family cytokines mediate their biological activities by binding to JAKs-related heterodimer receptors and activating the Jak/STAT signaling pathways. Sino Biological offers a panel of IL-12 family receptors with validated activity.

Bioactive IL-12 Family Receptors

  Mouse IL12RB2 (Cat#: 50099-M08H)
Inhibit the IL-6Rα enhancement of IL-6 activity on M1 mouse myeloid leukemia cell.   Bind to mouse IL-12 (Cat#: CT024-M0208H).

Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; R: Rat; Cy: Cynomolgus

Protein Molecules List of IL-12 Family Receptors

Antibodies Against IL-12 Family Receptors

Featured Antibodies Against IL-12 Family Receptors

Partial List of Antibodies Against IL-12 Family Receptors

Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; R: Rat

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