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• All Produced in House
• Affordable Price
• Bulk antibodies available
• Advanced 2nd-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody
• Most Generated against Full-length Protein

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Antibody Advantage in Sino Biological Inc

Immunohistochemistry Antibody Advantage

  • Better quality than other brands of IHC antibodies
    Sino Biological CD71 rabbit MAb (11020-R016), placenta tissue IHC CD71 rabbit Polyclonal antibody (brand A), placenta tissue IHC CD71 mouse MAb (brand B), placenta tissue IHC
  • Accurate staining verified
    CD147 (10186-R125)-human esophagus
    Insulin (11038-T08) -human pancreas
    S100A12 (11143-RP02)-human spleen
  • Strict standards, selecting the best one
    CHGA (100256-R204) -human adrenal gland
  • Stable Quality guaranteed between different Lots
    Lot.1 Lot.2 Lot.3

Immunofluorescence Antibody Advantage

High Specificity - Validated by antigen blocking assay, multiple cell types, other applications (WB, IP, IHC or FC)

High Sensitivity - Lower concentration antibody solution, which can avoid false/negative result.

High Reproducibility - Ensure better reproducibility for your experiment.

  • Immunofluorescence staining of GP73 in Hela cells using other brand antibody(green), and counterstained with DAPI (blue). The antibody loses its efficacy after one year. Note: The same batch (Lot#) of anti-GP73 antibody is tested at different time.
  • Immunofluorescence staining of GP73 in Hela cells using SBI antibody (red), and counterstained with DAPI (blue). After two years, the antibody has excellent efficacy. Note: The same batch (Lot#) of anti-GP73 antibody is tested at different time.

Western Blot Antibody Advantage

  • Binding to recombinant & natural proteins
  • Being validated by various cell & tissue lysates
    Human Beta-Tubulin (100109-MM05)

Immunoprecipitation Antibody Advantage

  • High Specificity and Sensitivity - Detected target protein as low as 1 - 4μg Ab
    Various of IP Antibodies - 900+ , and include important targets and protein tags
    Host & Clone: Rabbit Pab & Mab, Mouse MAb
    Target Species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Dog, Virus...
    Research Areas: Cell Receptor, Interleukin, Cytokine, Diagnose, Cancer, Stem Cell, Biomarker......

ELISA Antibody Advantage

For Unique Model species

Validated by High Quality Recombinant Proteins
Cutting-edge independent manufacturer of recombinant proteins. Most proteins are more than 90% in purity, and have good bioactivities.

Various Applications

  • • Primary Ab
  • • Secondary Ab
  • • Capture Ab
  • • Enzyme-Labeled Ab
  • • Direct ELISA
  • • Indirect ELISA
  • • Competitive ELISA
  • • Sandwich ELISA

Flow Cytometry Antibody Advantage

  • Blocked with recombinant protein Lysed whole blood stained with Anti-CD19 (green, 11880-MM17).
    The binding of Anti-CD19 was blocked by preincubation of the Ab with excessive recombinant human CD19 (blue) or unrelated protein(orange).
    Data shown was gated on lymphocytes.
    Blocked with unlabeled antibody Lysed whole blood stained with Anti-CD21-FITC (green, 10811-MM02-F). The binding of Anti-CD21 was blocked by preincubation of the cells with excessive unlabeled Anti-CD21 (blue, 10811-MM02) prior to staining with the Anti-CD21-FITC.
    Data shown was gated on lymphocytes.
    Lysed whole blood stained with CD3 FITC and CD4 APC.
    Left panel:Anti-CD3-FITC , Anti-CD4-APC (10400-MM08-A)
    Right panel:Anti-CD3-FITC (clone SK1), Anti-CD4-APC (clone SK7)
    Data shown was gated on lymphocytes.

High-quality Neutralization Antibody

  • • High Affinity
  • • Low Endotoxin
  • • In Vivo/Vitro
  • • No Sodium Azide
  • • No BSA
  • • FCM-Positive
  • • Blocking Ligand/Receptor
Targets Purity (by HPLC) Endotoxin (EU/mg) Cat. No.
Human EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 >95% <3 10001-RE10
Human HER3 / ErbB3 >95% <3 10201-mhA24
Human IL-6R / CD126 >95% <3 10398-MM08
Human TNF-alpha / TNFSF2 >95% <3 10602-R10N1
Enterovirus 71 VP1 >95% <3 40013-H136
Enterovirus 71 VP4 >95% <3 40013-M001
RSV-F >95% <3 11049-R338
Influenza A H10N8 HA >95% <3 40359-mh001
Human DKK-1 >95% <3 10170-R015
Human NGF / NGFB >95% <3 11050-R711

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