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PTK6 (Protein Tyrosine Kinase 6) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 20q13.33. PTK6 is also known as BRK. The human PTK6 gene encodes a 51834 Da protein containing 451 amino acids. Biased expression in esophagus (RPKM 27.3), skin (RPKM 21.0) and 9 other tissues Among its related pathways are Sweet Taste Signaling and Signaling by PTK6. PTK6 is related to identical protein binding and protein kinase activity. SRC is an important paralog of PTK6 gene. PTK6 is associated with some diseases, including Ovary Serous Adenocarcinoma and Breast Cancer.

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        Tyrosine kinase (PTKs) is a protein that carries out tyrosine phosphorylation, which play a fundamental role in cell proliferation, survival, adhesion, and motility and have also been demonstrated to mediate malignant cell transformation. Overexpression of this protein in mammary epithelial cells leads to sensitization of the cells to epidermal growth factor and results in a partially transformed phenotype. Two classes of PTKs are present in cells: the transmembrane receptor PTKs and the non-receptor PTKs. Tyrosine kinase(PTKs)-6/ BRK is a cytoplasmic non-receptor protein kinase that may function as an intracellular signal transducer in epithelial tissues. Tyrosine kinase(PTKs)-6/ BRK has been shown to undergo autophosphorylation. It has been found that the constitutive expression of the tyrosine kinase(PTKs)-6/ BRK is in a large proportion of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas and other transformed T- and B-cell populations. State BRK expression was also induced in normal T-cells. In clinical, the cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase PTK6 (BRK) shows elevated expression in approximately two-thirds of primary breast tumours, and is implicated in EGF receptor-dependent signalling and epithelial tumorigenesis.

        Brk 参考文献

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