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In lentiviral vector

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Butyrophilins (Btns) and butyrophilin-like (Btnl) molecules are emerging as novel regulators of immune responses in mice and humans.The human genome contains four identified BTNL genes, with the somewhat confusing designations of 2, 3, 8 and 9. BTNL2, the best charac-terised family member, is clustered with the BTN genes on chromosome 6, whereas the much less explored family members BTNL3, BTNL8 and BTNL9 are localised on chromosome 5.

BTNL3 参考文献

  • Abeler-Dörner L, Swamy M, Williams G, et al. Butyrophilins: an emerging family of immune regulators[J]. Trends in immunology, 2012, 33(1): 34-41.

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