CD Molecule Antibody Human Target

Human HER2 / ErbB2 Antibody Human PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody
Human CD112 / Nectin-2 / PVRL2 Antibody Human CD45 / PTPRC Antibody
Human Endoglin / CD105 / ENG Antibody Human CD84 / SLAMF5 Antibody
Human Neuropilin-1 / NRP1 / CD304 Antibody Human CD55 / DAF Antibody
Human VEGFR2 / Flk-1 / CD309 / KDR Antibody Human CD55 / DAF Antibody
Human CD79a Antibody Human CD55 / DAF Antibody
Human ERBB2 Antibody Human CD34 Antibody
Human CD27 Antibody Human CD155 / PVR Antibody
Human CD137 / 4-1BB Antibody Human IL-1R2 / CD121b Antibody
Human CXCR5 Antibody Human VCAM-1 / CD106 Antibody
Human cd207 Antibody Human CD146 / MCAM Antibody
Human 2B4 / SLAMF4 / CD244 Antibody Human IL1R1 / CD121a Antibody
Human CD166 / ALCAM Antibody Human CD171 / N-CAML1 / L1CAM Antibody
Human CD61 Antibody Human CD31 / PECAM1 Antibody
Human CD37 Antibody Human Endoglin / CD105 / ENG Antibody
Human CD156a Antibody Human CSF1R / MCSF Receptor / CD115 Antibody
Human CD13 / ANPEP Antibody Human IGF1R / CD221 Antibody
Human BLyS / TNFSF13B Antibody Human CD25 / IL2RA Antibody
Human CD157 / BST1 Antibody Human IL18RAP Antibody
Human CD14 Antibody Human CD147 / EMMPRIN / Basigin Antibody
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CD Molecule Antibody-Rat Target

  • ICAM-1 / CD54 Antibody
  • CD40 Antibody
  • CD48 / SLAMF2 Antibody

CD molecule Antibody-Ferret Target

  • CD8a / Lyt2 Antibody
  • Ferret CD4 Antibody
  • Ferret CD20 / MS4A1 Antibody

CD Molecule Antibody-Other Species

  • Rabbit CD38 Antibody
  • Canine PD1 / PDCD1 / CD279 Antibody
  • Canine CTLA-4 / CD152 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD155 / PVR Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD32b / Fc gamma RIIB Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD32a / Fc gamma RIIA Antibody
  • Rhesus HER2 / ErbB2 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD153 / CD30L / TNFSF8 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD40 / TNFRSF5 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus TRAIL R4 / CD264 / TNFRSF10D Antibody
  • Cynomolgus TNFR2 / CD120b / TNFRSF1B Antibody
  • Cynomolgus IL18R1 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus IL18RAP Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD14 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD73 / NT5E Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD83 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CTLA-4 / CD152 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus PDGFRB / CD140b Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD160 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD166 / ALCAM Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD25 / IL2RA Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD80 / B7-1 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus IL-1R1 / CD121a Antibody
  • Cynomolgus EpCAM / TROP-1 / TACSTD1 Antibody
  • Cynomolgus CD33 / Siglec-3 Antibody


The cluster of differentiation (or cluster of designation), often abbreviated as CD, is a protocol used for the identification and investigation of cell surface molecules present on white blood cells. The cluster of differentiation nomenclature was proposed for the classification of the many monoclonal antibodies generated by different laboratories around the world against epitopes on the surface molecules of leukocytes. Since then, the use of cluster of differentiation has expanded to many other cell types.

Human are the most important research object or target in biology research. Antibodies against to human source proteins biological research is an important and indispensable important research tool. We has been dedicated to the development antibodies against a variety of human proteins. The antibodies against human proteins with different application including WB, IHC, IP, IF/ICC and ELISA, have been developed.