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Tips:We list all the complement system ELISA kits which have been produced.

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C1s ELISA Pair Sets C2 ELISA Kits C7 ELISA Pair Sets CD55 ELISA Kits CD59 ELISA Pair Sets CD93 ELISA Pair Sets CFH ELISA Pair Sets CFHR2 ELISA Pair Sets CD21 ELISA Kits SerpinG1 ELISA Kits VSIG4 ELISA Kits VTN ELISA Kits

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Molecule Catalog No. Molecule Catalog No.
C2 KIT10154 SerpinG1 KIT10995
C2 SEK10154 SerpinG1 SEK10995
VSIG4 SEK12163 CFH SEK10714
VSIG4 KIT12163 CR2 KIT10811
VTN SEK10424 CR2 SEK10811
VTN KIT10424 CR2 SEKA10811

Complement System

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