ELISA Kit precaution and safety instructions

The ELISA method is a benchmark for quantitation of pathological antigens and there are indeed many variations to this method. ELISAs are adaptable to high-throughput screening because results are rapid, consistent and relatively easy to analyze. The best results have been obtained with the sandwich format, utilizing highly purified, prematched capture and detector antibodies. The resulting signal provides data which is very sensitive and highly specific. 

This section is intended to represent precaution and safety instructions for Sino Biological Inc.ELISA kit.


1. This kit is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. 
2. The kit should not be used beyond the expiration date. 
3. Do not mix reagents from different lots. 
4. The kit is designed and tested to detect the specific targets and samples shown in the manual. The use of this kit for other purpose should be verified carefully by the end user. 

Safety Instructions

1. The Stop Solution provided with this kit is an acid solution. Take care when using the reagent to avoid the risk.
2. All biological materials should be handled and discarded as potentially hazardous following local laws and regulations.
3. Personal protective equipments such as lab coats, gloves, surgical masks and goggles are necessary in experiments for safety reasons.