ELISA Kit Product Center

Sino Biological Inc. is the largest centralized protein manufacturer worldwide. Over 80 bioreactors (2L-1000L cell culture capacity) support 40 projects in parallel. Less than three years, Sino Biological built up one of the largest protein banks with over 6000 proteins and mAbs in stock and serve clients including the top 10 global pharmaceutical/biotech companies. Prducts like cDNA, Cell Factors and Transfection Reagent also got good word of mouth. Our core supporting team were trained in top Chinese, American, and European universities or multinational pharmaceutical/biotech companies thus greatly experienced in protein/antibody research, production, and analysis.

Sino Biological Inc. provide 500+ ELISA Kits for scientific research. Immunoassays are available for measuring a range of molecules including virus, cytokines, interleukin, chemokines, growth factors, CD molecule and more.