ELISA Tips on Microplate

1. Bring microplate pouches to room temperature before opening.
2. Level microwells evenly in microplate frame as the individual breakaway wells have very flexible plate frames leading to bowing off wells and yield poor washes.
3. Place plates in dark immediately after addition of substrate solution, provided the substrate is sensitive to light.
4. Grasp holder on grip marks when tapping to avoid strips slipping from holder.
5. Rotate strips 180 and re-insert or use correct holder if strips do not fit in holder.
6. Seal unused wells in purchase along with the desiccant.
7. Date the pouches when first opened.
8. Clean bottom surface of plates with wash buffer to remove fingerprints.
9. Make sure microwells are at level during washing, reagent addition and plate/strip reading.
10. Wipe the bottom the plate with a lint-free cloth/ towel before reading.
11. Do not allow microwells to become dry once the assay has begun