Enzymes-kinases antibodies

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Tips:We list all the enzymes proteins which have been produced.

Proteases Other Enzymes
Molecules Ptoducts Name
ACVR1 Human ACVR1 antibody Canine ACVR1 antibody  
ACVR1B Human ACVR1B antibody    
ACVR2B Human ACVR2B antibody Mouse ACVR2B antibody  
ACVRL1 Human ACVRL1 antibody Cynomolgus ACVRL1 antibody  
AKT1 Human AKT1 antibody    
AKT3 Mouse AKT3 antibody    
ARG1 Human ARG1 antibody    
AURKA Human AURKA antibody    
AXL Human AXL antibody Mouse AXL antibody  
BMPR1A Human BMPR1A antibody Mouse BMPR1A antibody  
BMPR1B Human BMPR1B antibody    
BMPR2 Human BMPR2 antibody    
BTK Human BTK antibody    
CAMK1 Human CAMK1 antibody    
CAMK2A Human CAMK2A antibody    
CAMK4 Human CAMK4 antibody Mouse CAMK4 antibody  
CDC42BPB Human CDC42BPB antibody    
CDK2 Human CDK2 antibody    
CDK2AP2 Human CDK2AP2 antibody    
CHEK2 Mouse CHEK2 antibody    
CSF1R Human CSF1R antibody Mouse CSF1R antibody Rat CSF1R antibody
CSK Mouse CSK antibody    
CSNK1G1 Human CSNK1G1 antibody    
CSNK1G2 Human CSNK1G2 antibody    
CSNK2A1 Mouse CSNK2A1 antibody    
CSNK2A2 Human CSNK2A2 antibody    
DAPK3 Human DAPK3 antibody    
DCLK1 Human DCLK1 antibody    
DDR1 Human DDR1 antibody Rat DDR1 antibody  
DDR2 Human DDR2 antibody Mouse DDR2 antibody Rhesus DDR2 antibody
EGFR Human EGFR antibody Mouse EGFR antibody Rat EGFR antibody
  Rhesus EGFR antibody    
EPHA1 Human EPHA1 antibody Mouse EPHA1 antibody  
EphA2 Human EphA2 antibody Mouse EphA2 antibody  
EphA3 Mouse EphA3 antibody Rat EphA3 antibody  
EphA4 Human EphA4 antibody Mouse EphA4 antibody Rhesus EphA4 antibody
EphA6 Mouse EphA6 antibody    
EphA7 Mouse EphA7 antibody    
EphB1 Human EphB1 antibody    
EphB2 Human EphB2 antibody    
EphB3 Human EphB3 antibody Mouse EphB3 antibody Rat EphB3 antibody
EphB4 Human EphB4 antibody Mouse EphB4 antibody  
EphB6 Human EphB6 antibody Mouse EphB6 antibody  
ERBB2 Human ERBB2 antibody Mouse ERBB2 antibody Rat ERBB2 antibody
  Rhesus ERBB2 antibody    
ERBB3 Human ERBB3 antibody Mouse ERBB3 antibody Rat ERBB3 antibody
  Rhesus ERBB3 antibody    
ERBB4 Mouse ERBB4 antibody Rat ERBB4 antibody  
ERN1 Human ERN1 antibody    
FES Human FES antibody    
FGFR1 Human FGFR1 antibody Mouse FGFR1 antibody  
FGFR2 Human FGFR2 antibody Mouse FGFR2 antibody  
FGFR3 Human FGFR3 antibody Mouse FGFR3 antibody Cynomolgus FGFR3 antibody
FGFR4 Human FGFR4 antibody Mouse FGFR4 antibody Rat FGFR4 antibody
  Rhesus FGFR4 antibody    
FGFRL1 Mouse FGFRL1 antibody    
FLT1 Human FLT1 antibody Rat FLT1 antibody  
FLT3 Human FLT3 antibody    
FLT4 Human FLT4 antibody Mouse FLT4 antibody  
GRK5 Human GRK5 antibody    
GSK3B Human GSK3B antibody    
HIPK2 Human HIPK2 antibody    
IGF1R Human IGF1R antibody    
IKBKB Human IKBKB antibody    
INSR Human INSR antibody    
IRAK4 Human IRAK4 antibody    
KDR Human KDR antibody Mouse KDR antibody Rat KDR antibody
KIT Human KIT antibody Mouse KIT antibody  
Lck Human Lck antibody    
MAP2K1 Mouse MAP2K1 antibody    
MAP2K2 Human MAP2K2 antibody    
MAP2K3 Human MAP2K3 antibody    
MAP2K5 Human MAP2K5 antibody    
MAP2K6 Human MAP2K6 antibody    
Map2k7 Human Map2k7 antibody    
MAPK1 Human MAPK1 antibody Mouse MAPK1 antibody  
MAPK12 Human MAPK12 antibody    
MAPK13 Human MAPK13 antibody    
MAPK14 Human MAPK14 antibody    
MAPK6 Human MAPK6 antibody    
MAPK8 Human MAPK8 antibody    
MAPK9 Human MAPK9 antibody    
MAPKAPK3 Human MAPKAPK3 antibody    
MERTK Human MERTK antibody    
MET Human MET antibody Mouse MET antibody Canine MET antibody
  Cynomolgus MET antibody    
MST1R Human MST1R antibody Mouse MST1R antibody  
MUSK Human MUSK antibody    
MYT1 Human MYT1 antibody    
NEK10 Human NEK10 antibody    
NEK3 Mouse NEK3 antibody    
NLK Human NLK antibody    
NME1 Human NME1 antibody    
NTRK1 Human NTRK1 antibody Mouse NTRK1 antibody Canine NTRK1 antibody
  Rat NTRK1 antibody    
NTRK2 Human NTRK2 antibody    
NTRK3 Human NTRK3 antibody Mouse NTRK3 antibody  
PAK1 Human PAK1 antibody    
PBK Human PBK antibody    
PDGFRA Human PDGFRA antibody Rat PDGFRA antibody  
PDGFRB Human PDGFRB antibody Rhesus PDGFRB antibody  
PDK1 Human PDK1 antibody    
PIM1 Human PIM1 antibody    
PLK1 Human PLK1 antibody    
PLK4 Human PLK4 antibody    
PRKAA1 Human PRKAA1 antibody    
PRKCA Human PRKCA antibody    
RAF1 Human RAF1 antibody    
RET Human RET antibody    
RIPK3 Human RIPK3 antibody    
ROCK1 Human Rock1 antibody    
RPS6KA1 Human RPS6KA1 antibody    
RPS6KA2 Human RPS6KA2 antibody    
RPS6KB1 Human RPS6KB1 antibody    
SPEG Human SPEG antibody    
SRC Human SRC antibody    
SRPK1 Human SRPK1 antibody    
STK10 Human STK10 antibody    
STK16 Human STK16 antibody    
TEK Human TEK antibody Mouse TEK antibody  
TGFBR1 Human TGFBR1 antibody    
TGFBR2 Human TGFBR2 antibody    
Tie1 Human Tie1 antibody    
TLK1 Human TLK1 antibody    
TLK2 Human TLK2 antibody    
VRK1 Human VRK1 antibody    
ZAP70 Human ZAP70 antibody    


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