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Tips:We list all the enzymes proteins which have been produced.

Kinases Other Enzymes
Molecules Ptoducts Name
A2M Human A2M protein (His)    
ACE2 Human ACE2 protein (Fc) Mouse ACE2 protein(His&Fc) Mouse ACE2 protein (His)
  Rat ACE2 protein (His) Rhesus ACE2 protein (Fc) Rhesus ACE2 protein (His)
ACY1 Human ACY1 protein (His) Mouse ACY1 protein (His)  
ADAM12 Human ADAM12 protein (His)    
ADAM15 Human ADAM15 protein (His) Mouse ADAM15 protein (His)  
ADAM17 Rat ADAM17 protein (His)    
ADAM8 Rhesus ADAM8 protein (His)    
ADAM9 Mouse ADAM9 protein (His)    
ADAMTSL1 Human ADAMTSL1 protein (His)    
AGA Human AGA protein (His)    
AHSG Human AHSG protein (His) Mouse AHSG protein (His)  
ANPEP Human ANPEP protein (His) Mouse ANPEP protein (His)  
BACE1 Human BACE1 protein (Fc) Human BACE1 protein (His) Human BACE1 protein
  Mouse BACE1 protein (His)    
BACE2 Mouse BACE2 protein (His)    
BIRC2 Human BIRC2 protein    
BLMH Human BLMH protein (His) Mouse BLMH protein (His)  
BSG Human BSG protein (Fc) Human BSG protein (His) Human BSG protein
  Mouse BSG protein(His&Fc) Mouse BSG protein (His)  
C1QB Human C1QB protein (His)    
C1sa Mouse C1sa protein (His)    
C2 Human C2 protein (Fc) Human C2 protein (His) Mouse C2 protein (His)
CASP14 Human CASP14 protein (His)    
CASP3 Human CASP3 protein (His)    
CASP7 Human CASP7 protein (His)    
CES1D Mouse CES1D protein (His)    
CES2 Human CES2 protein (His) Mouse CES2 protein (His)  
CFB Human CFB protein (His)    
CFH Human CFH protein (His) Mouse CFH protein (Fc) Mouse CFH protein (His)
CFHR1 Human CFHR1 protein (His)    
CFHR2 Human CFHR2 protein (His)    
CNDP1 Human CNDP1 protein (His) Mouse CNDP1 protein (His)  
CNDP2 Human CNDP2 protein (His) Mouse CNDP2 protein (His)  
CPA1 Human CPA1 protein (His) Mouse CPA1 protein (His)  
CPA2 Human CPA2 protein (His) Mouse CPA2 protein (His) Rat CPA2 protein (His)
CPB1 Human CPB1 protein (His) Mouse CPB1 protein (His)  
CPB2 Human CPB2 protein (His) Mouse CPB2 protein (His) Rat CPB2 protein (His)
CPE Human CPE protein (Fc) Human CPE protein (His)  
CPM Human CPM protein (His) Mouse CPM protein (His)  
CST1 Human CST1 protein (His)    
CST2 Human CST2 protein (His)    
CST3 Human CST3 protein (His) Human CST3 protein Mouse CST3 protein (His)
  Rat CST3 protein (His)    
CST4 Human CST4 protein (His)    
CST5 Human CST5 protein (His)    
CST6 Human CST6 protein (His) Mouse CST6 protein (His)  
CST7 Human CST7 protein (Fc) Human CST7 protein (His) Human CST7 protein
  Mouse CST7 protein (Fc)    
CST8 Human CST8 protein (Fc)    
CST9L Human CST9L protein (Fc)    
CSTA Human CSTA protein (His)    
CSTB Human CSTB protein (His)    
CSTL1 Human CSTL1 protein (Fc)    
CTSA Human CTSA protein (His) Mouse CTSA protein (His)  
CTSB Human CTSB protein (His) Mouse CTSB protein (His) Rat CTSB protein (His)
CTSC Human CTSC protein (His)    
CTSD Human CTSD protein (His) Mouse CTSD protein (His)  
CTSE Mouse CTSE protein (His) Rat CTSE protein (His)  
CTSH Mouse CTSH protein (His)    
CTSL1 Human CTSL1 protein (His) Mouse CTSL1 protein (His)  
CTSS Human CTSS protein (His) Mouse CTSS protein (His) Rat CTSS protein (His)
CTSV Human CTSV protein (His)    
CTSZ Human CTSZ protein Mouse CTSZ protein (His)  
DPP10 Human DPP10 protein (His)    
DPP4 Human DPP4 protein (Fc) Human DPP4 protein (His) Human DPP4 protein
  Mouse DPP4 protein (Fc) Mouse DPP4 protein (His) Cynomolgus DPP4 protein (His, ECD)
  Cynomolgus DPP4 protein    
DPP7 Human DPP7 protein (His) Mouse DPP7 protein (His)  
ECE1 Human ECE1 protein (His)    
ECE2 Human ECE2 protein (Fc) Human ECE2 protein (His)  
ENPEP Human ENPEP protein (His) Mouse ENPEP protein (His) Rat ENPEP protein (His)
ERAP2 Human ERAP2 protein (His)    
F10 Human F10 protein (His)    
F11 Human F11 protein (His)    
F13B Human F13B protein (His)    
F2 Mouse F2 protein (His)    
F3 Human F3 protein (Fc) Human F3 protein (His) Mouse F3 protein (His)
  Rabbit F3 protein (His) Rabbit F3 protein(ECD,His)  
F7 Human F7 protein (His) Mouse F7 protein (His)  
F9 Human F9 protein (His) Mouse F9 protein (His)  
FAP Human FAP protein (His)    
FETUB Human FETUB protein (His) Mouse FETUB protein (His)  
GGT1 Rat GGT1 protein (His)    
GGT5 Human GGT5 protein(ECD,His)    
GZMB Human GZMB protein (His)    
GZMH Human GZMH protein (His)    
HRG Human HRG protein (His) Rat HRG protein (His)  
HTRA2 Human HTRA2 protein (His)    
KLK1 Human KLK1 protein (His) Mouse KLK1 protein (His)  
KLK11 Human KLK11 protein (His) Mouse KLK11 protein (His)  
KLK13 Human KLK13 protein (His) Human KLK13 protein  
KLK15 Human KLK15 protein (Fc)    
KLK3 Human KLK3 protein (His)    
KLK4 Human KLK4 protein (His)    
KLK6 Human KLK6 protein (His) Human KLK6 protein  
KLK7 Human KLK7 protein (His) Mouse KLK7 protein (His)  
KLK8 Human KLK8 protein (His)    
KNG1 Human KNG1 protein (His) Mouse KNG1 protein (His)  
LCN1 Human LCN1 protein (His)    
LGMN Mouse LGMN protein Sus LGMN protein (His)  
LTA4H Human LTA4H protein (His) Mouse LTA4H protein (His)  
MEP1A Human MEP1A protein (His) Mouse MEP1A protein (His)  
MEP1B Human MEP1B protein(ECD,His)    
METAP1 Human METAP1 protein (Fc) Human METAP1 protein (His)  
METAP1D Human METAP1D protein (His)    
MME Human MME protein (Fc) Human MME protein (His) Human MME protein
  Mouse MME protein (His) Rat MME protein (His)  
MMP1 Human MMP1 protein (His)    
MMP12 Human MMP12 protein(catalyticdomain)    
MMP19 Human MMP19 protein    
MMP2 Human MMP2 protein Mouse MMP2 protein (His)  
MMP26 Human MMP26 protein    
MMP3 Human MMP3 protein    
MMP7 Human MMP7 protein (Fc)    
MMP8 Human MMP8 protein (His) Human MMP8 protein Mouse MMP8 protein (His)
  Mouse MMP8 protein    
MMP9 Human MMP9 protein (His) Human MMP9 protein Mouse MMP9 protein
  Rat MMP9 protein (His)    
NAALADL1 Human NAALADL1 protein (His) Mouse NAALADL1 protein (His)  
NCSTN Human NCSTN protein (His) Mouse NCSTN protein (Fc) Mouse NCSTN protein (His)
NLN Human NLN protein (His)    
PA2G4 Human PA2G4 protein (His)    
PAPPA2 Human PAPPA2 protein (His)    
PCSK1 Human PCSK1 protein (His)    
PCSK9 Human PCSK9 protein (His) Rhesus PCSK9 protein (His)  
  Mouse PCSK9 protein (His) Rat PCSK9 protein (His)  
PGA4 Human PGA4 protein (Fc) Human PGA4 protein (His)  
PGC Human PGC protein (His) Rat PGC protein (His)  
PREP Mouse PREP protein (His)    
PRSS2 Mouse PRSS2 protein (His)    
PRSS27 Human PRSS27 protein (His)    
PRSS3 Human PRSS3 protein (His)    
PRSS8 Human PRSS8 protein (His) Mouse PRSS8 protein (His)  
PSMA3 Human PSMA3 protein (His)    
PSMB6 Mouse PSMB6 protein (His)    
SerpinA1 Human SerpinA1 protein (His) Rat SerpinA1 protein (His)  
SerpinA10 Mouse SerpinA10 protein (His)    
SerpinA11 Mouse SerpinA11 protein (His)    
SerpinA12 Human SerpinA12 protein (His)    
SERPINA1B Mouse SERPINA1B protein (Fc)    
SerpinA3 Human SerpinA3 protein (His)    
Serpina3c Mouse Serpina3c protein (His)    
Serpina3n Rat Serpina3n protein (His)    
SerpinA6 Human SerpinA6 protein (His) Mouse SerpinA6 protein (His)  
SERPINA7 Human SERPINA7 protein (His) Mouse SERPINA7 protein (His)  
SerpinB1 Human SerpinB1 protein (His)    
SerpinB10 Mouse SerpinB10 protein (His)    
SerpinB12 Mouse SerpinB12 protein (His)    
SerpinB2 Human SerpinB2 protein(GST)    
SERPINB3 Human SERPINB3 protein (His)    
Serpinb3c Mouse Serpinb3c protein (His)    
SERPINB4 Human SERPINB4 protein (His)    
SerpinB6 Human SerpinB6 protein (His)    
Serpinb6b Mouse Serpinb6b protein (His)    
SerpinB8 Mouse SerpinB8 protein (His)    
SerpinB9 Human SerpinB9 protein (His)    
SerpinC1 Human SerpinC1 protein (His) Cynomolgus SerpinC1 protein (His)  
SerpinD1 Human SerpinD1 protein (His) Mouse SerpinD1 protein (His)  
SerpinE1 Human SerpinE1 protein (His) Rat SerpinE1 protein (Fc) Rat SerpinE1 protein (His)
SerpinF1 Human SerpinF1 protein (His) Mouse SerpinF1 protein (His) Rat SerpinF1 protein (His)
SerpinF2 Human SerpinF2 protein (His) Mouse SerpinF2 protein (His) Rat SerpinF2 protein (His)
SerpinG1 Human SerpinG1 protein (His) Rat SerpinG1 protein (His)  
SerpinI1 Human SerpinI1 protein (His) Mouse SerpinI1 protein (His)  
SerpinI2 Human SerpinI2 protein (His)    
SPOCK1 Human SPOCK1 protein (His)    
SPOCK3 Mouse SPOCK3 protein (His)    
TIMP1 Human TIMP1 protein (Fc) Human TIMP1 protein (His) Human TIMP1 protein
  Mouse TIMP1 protein Rat TIMP1 protein  
TIMP2 Human TIMP2 protein (Fc) Human TIMP2 protein  
TMED10 Human TMED10 protein (Fc)    
TMPRSS15 Bovine TMPRSS15 protein (His)    
XIAP Human XIAP protein (His) Human XIAP protein (AVI)  
XPNPEP2 Human XPNPEP2 protein (His)    


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