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PGF BDNF/ANON2 PEDF/SERPINF1 TGF-beta 2/TGFB2 FGF9 DKK1/Dkk-1 ANGPTL1/ANG-3 Betacellulin/BTC MANF FGF10/KGF2 PDGF-B/PDGF-2 IGF1/IGF-I/IGF-1 NRG4 FGF6/FGF-6 FGF7/FGF-7/KGF TGF-beta 1/TGFB1 FGF16 VEGF/VEGFA TGFA/TGF-alpha EFNB2A/Ephrin B2a FGF18 Midkine/MDK Ephrin-A1/EFNA1 Galectin-1/LGALS1 FGF21 FGF14/SCA27 Ephrin-A2/EFNA2 NRG1/Neuregulin 1 HBEGF FIGF/VEGF-D Ephrin-A3/EFNA3 Thrombopoietin/THPO LRIG1 PDGF-C/PDGFC Ephrin-A4/EFNA4 VEGFC/VEGF-C/Flt4-L ANGPT4 CDNF/ARMETL1 Ephrin-A5/EFNA5 TMEFF1/Tomoregulin-1 FGFBP3 EGFL6/EGF-L6 Ephrin-B1/EFNB1 KITLG/SCF/C-kit ligand VEGF-B FGF12/FGF-12 EFNB2/Ephrin-B2 Angiopoietin 1/ANG1/ANGPT1 ANGPTL4 FGF-13/FGF17 Ephrin B3/EFNB3 ANGPTL2/Angiopoietin-like 2 ANGPTL5 FGF19/FGF-19 VE-statin/EGFL7 ANGPTL7/Angiopoietin-like 7 aFGF/FGF1 IGF-2/IGF-II Epiregulin/EREG Epidermal Growth Factor/EGF bFGF/FGF2 PDGFA/PDGF-1
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Rat ( Protein/Antibody/Gene/ELISA Kit )

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Cynomolgus ( Protein/Antibody/Gene/ELISA Kit )

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