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HCV Nonstructural protein 3 Protein (1)

    HCV Nonstructural protein 3 分子背景

    HCV NS3 displays three enzymatic activities: serine protease, NTPase and RNA helicase. HCV NS3 serine protease, in association with NS4A, is responsible for the cleavages of NS3-NS4A, NS4A-NS4B, NS4B-NS5A and NS5A-NS5B. NS3/NS4A complex also prevents phosphorylation of human IRF3, thus preventing the establishment of dsRNA induced antiviral state. HCV NS3 RNA helicase binds to RNA and unwinds dsRNA in the 3' to 5' direction, and likely RNA stable secondary structure in the template strand (By similarity). Cleaves and inhibits the host antiviral protein MAVS.

    HCV Nonstructural protein 3 参考文献

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