How to choose antibody for IHC experiments,the monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies ?

Antibodies characteristics of monoclonal and polyclonal determine its strengths and weaknesses. Monoclonal antibodies are a homogeneous population of immunoglobulin directed against a single epitope. The antibodies are generated by a single B-cell clone from one animal and are therefore immunochemically similar. Polyclonal antibodies are a heterogeneous mixture of antibodies directed against various epitopes of the same antigen. The antibodies are generated by different B-cell clones of the animal and as a consequence are immunochemically dissimilar.The antibodies in a polyclonal mixture can have slightly different specificities and affinities.

If the protein target have the same amino acid sequence, monoclonal antibody is more appropriate. Once antigen conformational changes due to various reasons, such as due to the interaction of proteins, post-translational modification, temperature, pH value, fixed, salt concentration, the combined effect of monoclonal antibody and antigen will be seriously affected. Because of polyclonal antibodies has multiple epitopes, is not affected by changes in protein conformation, in general, within a certain range of pH and salt concentration, the antigen-binding between polyclonal antibody is more stable than monoclonal antibody .