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• Better affinity and sensitivity
• Extensive validation by multiple cell types
• Strict negative controls
• In-house confocal technology support
• Multiple species: human, mouse, rat, cynomolgus, rhesus
• Multiple cell sample: cancer cells and stem cells
• Multiple application: IHC, FC, WB, IP, ELISA
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Sino Biological Antibody Product Facts
• All Produced in House
• Most Generated against Full-length Protein
• Advanced 2nd-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody
• Affordable Price
• Bulk antibodies available

Better affinity and sensitivity

Sino Biological Inc.
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Strict negative controls

Negative control Positive  

In-house confocal technology support

Tubulin-Hela CCNE1-MCF7

Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Background

Immunofluorescence is a powerful technique that utilizes fluorescent-labeled antibodies to detect specific target antigens. Immunofluorescence uses a single, primary antibody, chemically linked to a fluorophore. The primary antibody recognizes the target antigen and binds to a specific epitope. The attached fluorophore can be detected via fluorescent microscopyThe technique is very sensitive and versatile and finds numerous applications in the fields of immunology, cell morphology, genetics, diagnostics and histopathology.

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