How to select the immune fluorescent antibody?

There are many kinds of antibodies that are sold in the market, and it can be used in many kinds of immunefluorescence. But one question that has plagued many researchers is how to choose the immune fluorescent antibody. To sum up, you should pay attention to a few points. First, it is necessary to see whether there are some real test pictures for the antibodies. The pictures are more convenient to judge the result of the antibodies. Second, whether the quality of the displayed picture is good? If the picture is very clear, it is easy to interpret the results, which is relatively good. Third, whether the results of the displayed picture are correct? The researchers need to understand the location of the protein and the expression level of the protein before buying antibodies. Fourth, is the antibodies were used to verify the use of natural cells? The detection based on natural cells to verify the antibody is more reliable. Fifth, whether the antibodies have been verified with a variety of cells? The antibodies which have been detected in many nature cells with correct results should be chosen. Sixth, to see if the company which sale the antibodies have more other immune fluorescent antibodies? If there are other antibodies can be selected, the company's immune fluorescence platform is stable. Seventh, to see whether the antibodies are suitable for multi function. IF the antibodies could be used for immunofluorescence detection can also be for potential or immunohistochemistry detection, the results of the antibody immunofluorescence is through other methods of verification. The antibodies can be the preferred choice.