IHC Antibody Features: Strict Quality Assurance System

Immunohistochemistry antibodies of Sino Biological are independent research and development. From protein product to antibody identification has strict quality control standards. All of immunohistochemical antibodies on the sale are obtained through a lot of screening and a variety of testing methods to verify eligibility.

High purity (75-95%) recombinant proteins from eukaryotic cells

  • • Full-length protein immunization, recognize multiple epitopes
  • • Closer to native proteins
  • • Non-linear epitopes
  • • Better antigens for high affinity antibodies

Strict screening

  • • Optimized process for more positive clones
  • • Multiple rounds of screening
  • • Large scale cell culture. Never used ascites for Mab production
  • • Ability to produce from mg to 100 g antibodies

Various types of antibodies

  • • Mouse monoclonal antibody, Rabbit monoclonal antibody, Rabbit polyclonal antibody
  • • multiple choice of different antibody

Strict Validation