Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Product Center

Sino Biological has launched nearly 4000 immunohistochemical antibodies, all of these antibodies are research and development independently. Sino Biological immunohistochemical antibodies cover many research fields include angiogenesis, tumor markers, signal transduction, etc. Products involved in human, rat, mouse, dog, ferrets and other species; Antibody types include, rabbit monoclonal antibody, rabbit polyclonal antibody and mouse monoclonal antibody. All of the immunohistochemical antibodies were obtained by immunization using a recombinant protein expressed by eukaryotic cells, which makes it easier to identify natural tissues and cells, in addition,antibodies obtained by the recombinant protein-immunized have a higher sensitivity than antibodies obtained by polypeptide-immunized. Particularly,rabbit monoclonal antibody and rabbit polyclonal antibody have high affinity,low background and less amount in immunohistochemical detection. All our immunohistochemical antibody were obtained through stringent quality control checks, we provide the appropriate staining results of all immunohistochemical antibodies , and fully guarantee the reliability and repeatability of the test results.

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