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Tips:We list all the immune checkpoint ELISA kits which have been produced.

PD-1 ELISA kits CTLA-4 ELISA kits B7-H3 ELISA kits DC-SIGN ELISA kits TIM-3 ELISA kits ICOS Ligand ELISA kits CEACAM1 ELISA kits CD40 ELISA kits CD48 ELISA kits CD160 ELISA kits CD200 ELISA kits CD200R ELISA kits 2B4 ELISA kits CD28 ELISA kits CD86 ELISA kits

Hot ELISA kits

Targets Catalog No. Targets Catalog No.
CD160 SEK12191 CD48 KIT10797
CD200 KIT10886 CD48 SEK10797
CD200 SEK10886 CD48 SEK50415
CD200R SEK11232 CD86 KIT80025
DC-SIGN KIT10200 CD86 SEK10699
DC-SIGN SEK10200 CD86 SEK80025
2B4 SEK10042 CD86 KIT10699
B7-H3 SEK11188 CEACAM1 SEK10822
B7-H3 KIT11188 CEACAM1 SEKA10822
CD28 KIT11524 CTLA-4 SEK11159
CD28 SEK11524 TIM-3 KIT10390
CD40 SEK10774 TIM-3 SEK10390
CD40 KIT10774 ICOS Ligand SEK11559
CD48 SEKA10797 PD-1 SEK10377
CD48 KIT50415 PD-1 SEKA10377

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