Immune Checkpoint: 1800+ Genes

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Tips:We list all the immune checkpoint genes which have been produced.

PD-1 genes PD-L1 genes PD-L2 genes CD80 genes CD86 genes CD28 genes CTLA-4 genes ICOS Ligand genes ICOS genes B7-H3 genes B7-H4 genes HVEM genes BTLA genes CD160 genes LIGHT genes LAG3 genes CD137L genes CD137 genes OX40 genes CD70 genes CD27 genes CD40 genes Galectin-9 genes TIM-3 genes adenosine A2a receptor genes GITR genes GITRL genes IDO genes VISTA genes CEACAM1 genes CD47 genes SIRP alpha genes DNAM-1 genes CD155 genes TIGIT genes 2B4 genes CD48 genes TMIGD2 genes HHLA2 genes BTN2A1 genes DC-SIGN genes BTN2A2 genes BTN3A1 genes BTNL3 genes BTNL9 genes CD96 genes TDO genes CD200 genes CD200R genes

Hot genes

Targets Catalog No. Targets Catalog No.
CD200 CG90230-ACG CTLA-4 HG11159-ACR
CD200R MG50209-ACG TIM-3 HG10390-ACG
PD-L1 CG90251-ACR ICOS HG10344-ACR
B7-H3 HG11188-ACR IDO RG82547-ACG
CD40 HG10774-ACG LAG3 CG90841-ACR
CD40L CG90096-ACR PD-1 HG10377-ACR
CD80 HG10698-ACG TIGIT MG50939-ACG

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