Immune Checkpoint: IP Kits

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Tips:We list all the immune checkpoint IP kits which have been produced.

CD200R IP kit 2B4 IP kit B7-H3 IP kit CD40 IP kit
CD48 IP kit CD86 IP kit CTLA-4 IP kit TIM-3 IP kit
CD155 IP kit SIRP alpha IP kit    

Hot IP kits

Targets Catalog No. Targets Catalog No.
CD200R MB11218-T52 CD48 MB10797-RP04
2B4 MB10042-R025 CD86 MB50068-RP02
B7-H3 MB80380-T52 CTLA-4 MB50503-RP02
B7-H3 MB50973-T52 TIM-3 MB51152-T52
B7-H3 MB11188-RP02 CD155 MB10109-RP02
CD40 MB101510-T36 CD155 MB10109-R114
CD48 MB80286-T52 SIRP alpha MB11612-RP02

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