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Tips:We list all the immunotherapy related IP Kits which have been produced.

AFP IP kit CA9 IP kit CD19 IP kit CD200R1 IP kit CD22 IP kit CD244 IP kit CD276 IP kit CD3D IP kit CD3E IP kit CD40 IP kit CD48 IP kit CD86 IP kit CTLA4 IP kit EpCAM IP kit ERBB2 IP kit ERBB3 IP kit HRAS IP kit HSPD1 IP kit IL18 IP kit IL6 IP kit PPBP IP kit PVR IP kit SIRPA IP kit TGFB1 IP kit TNF IP kit TNFRSF1B IP kit TNFSF11 IP kit TNFSF13B IP kit TP53 IP kit

Hot IP kits

Targets Catalog No. Targets Catalog No.
AFP MB12177-T52 HAVCR2 MB51152-T52
CA9 MB70028-T52 HRAS MB12059-T52
CD19 MB11880-R303 HSPD1 MB50596-T44
CD200R1 MB11218-T52 IL18 MB90011-RP02
CD22 MB51177-R087 IL6 MB10395-T52
CD244 MB10042-R025 NRAS MB12073-T52
CD276 MB80380-T52 PPBP MB50145-T52
CD3D MB10981-RP02 PVR MB10109-RP02
CD3E MB10977-T20 SIRPA MB11612-RP02
CD40 MB101510-T36 TGFB1 MB70087-T52
CD48 MB80286-T52 TNF MB10602-RP02
CD86 MB50068-RP02 TNFRSF1B MB50128-RP02
CTLA4 MB50503-RP02 TNFRSF8 MB10777-RP02
EGFR MB80100-T52 TNFSF11 MB11682-R101
EpCAM MB90299-T60 TNFSF13B MB10056-R182
ERBB2 MB80079-T52 TP53 MB90001-R014
ERBB3 MB10201-RP02 VEGFA MB100253-T36
GPC3 MB100393-T36      


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