Immunotherapy: 600+ Recombinant Proteins

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Tips:We list all the immunotherapy related proteins which have been produced.

AFP protein BTLA protein BTN3A1 protein C10ORF54 protein CA9 protein CCL16 protein CCL2 protein CCL21 protein CCL3 protein CCL5 protein CD160 protein CD19 protein CD2 protein CD200 protein CD200R1 protein CD209 protein CD22 protein CD226 protein CD244 protein CD27 protein CD274 protein CD276 protein CD28 protein CD33 protein CD3D protein CD3E protein CD40 protein CD40LG protein CD47 protein CD48 protein CD52 protein CD58 protein CD70 protein CD80 protein CD86 protein CD96 protein CDK4 protein CEACAM1 protein CEACAM5 protein CSF2 protein CSF3 protein CTLA4 protein CXCL10 protein EGFR protein EpCAM protein EphA3 protein ERBB2 protein ERBB3 protein ERBB4 protein FAP protein FLT1 protein FOLH1 protein FOLR1 protein GAD2 protein GPA33 protein GPC3 protein HAVCR2 protein HHLA2 protein HRAS protein HSPD1 protein ICOS protein ICOSLG protein IDO1 protein IFNA1 protein IFNB1 protein IFNG protein IGF1R protein IL10 protein IL12B protein IL13 protein IL15 protein IL17A protein IL18 protein IL1A protein IL1B protein IL2 protein IL21 protein IL23A protein IL2RA protein IL4 protein IL6 protein IL6R protein IL7 protein INS protein KDR protein KLK3 protein KRAS protein LAG3 protein MET protein MGAT5 protein MS4A1 protein MSLN protein MUC1 protein NRAS protein PDCD1 protein PDCD1LG2 protein PPBP protein PVR protein SIRPA protein TGFB1 protein TIGIT protein TLR3 protein TMIGD2 protein TNF protein TNFRSF10A protein TNFRSF10B protein TNFRSF14 protein TNFRSF18 protein TNFRSF1B protein TNFRSF4 protein TNFRSF8 protein TNFRSF9 protein TNFSF11 protein TNFSF12 protein TNFSF13B protein TNFSF14 protein TNFSF4 protein TNFSF9 protein TP53 protein VCAM1 protein VEGFA protein VTCN1 protein XCL1 protein


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