Immunoprecipitation (IP) KIT all the buffers were provided

Sino Biological immunoprecipitation KITs are designed for complex immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) RNA immunoprecipitation (RNA-IP) chromatin immunoprecipitation (Ch-IP). We supply all the buffers for immunoprecipitation in KITs. The buffers includes cell lysis buffer, Neutralization buffer, Alkaline Elution buffer, Acidity Elution buffer for protein A protein G protein L immunoprecipitation KIT. 

Tag immunoprecipitation KIT contains Cell lysis buffer,Neutralization buffer, Alkaline Elution buffer, Acidity Elution buffer, and Positive cell lysate.Sino Biological immunoprecipitation buffers are validated in our daily immunoprecipitation antibody quality control. The immunoprecipitation buffers have been optimized for serval times, just for guarantee your IP experiment. Despite we have optimized our buffers for immunoprecipitation, but the amount of cell lysate or IP antibody you used should be tested by your sample for the best result. Sino Biological Cell lysis buffer should be store at 2-8℃,positive cell lysate was freeze-drying powder, so you have to dissolve it before using(add 0.3ml ddH2O or PBS into the bottle at 1mg/mL). The polypeptide elution buffer is for HA tag Myc tag V5 tag DYKDDDK tag, not for other tags. 

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IP KIT all the buffers were provided

Buffer Protein A/G/L IP KIT Tag IP KIT
Cell lysis buffer + +
Neutralization buffer + +
Alkaline Elution buffer + +
Acidity Elution buffer + +
Positive cell lysate - +
Polypeptide Elution buffer - +