Immunoprecipitation (IP)-Magnetic Beads IP KIT

The SBI magnetic beads IP Kit uses high-quality Protein A/G magnetic beads, do not need centrifuge.The kit uses high-capacity Protein A/G magnetic beads for efficient binding of most species and subclasses of IP antibodies. The included IgG elution buffer provides milder and less denaturing recovery of antibody:antigen complexes than the traditional method of boiling in reducing sample buffer for SDS-PAGE, facilitating a greater variety of methods for subsequent analysis.

Features of SBI magnetic beads IP Kit:

• Assay consistency—magnetic beads and magnetic separator provide for more efficient separation of solutions than traditional IP methods.
• Fast—immunoprecipitate (IP) in less than one hour
• Mild elution conditions—recover antigen without harsh detergents or reducing agents
• Easy-to-follow instructions—purify target protein from crude lysate in four simple steps
• Suitable for most common antibody types—Protein A/G provides excellent binding for most mouse, rabbit, human and goat IgG subclasses
• Complete kit—includes lysis/wash buffer, binding and elution buffers.
• Routine, traditional immunoprecipitation experiments
• Immunoprecipitation for analysis in nonreducing conditions