Immunoprecipitation (IP)-Tag Protein Cell Lysate

Sino Biological immunoprecipitation positive cell lysates, were produced by lysising natural cells or tissues. most of the cell lysates were cell lines transfected with plasmids.
We have four different cell culture plateforms for virous molecular weight proteins and specis,such as E.COli, yeast, mammalian cells express system and Insect cells express system. 
More than 10 years, we have served over 100 biological companies and research institutes. Mean while Sino Biological recombinant proteins have been selled over the world. The positive cell lysates have been added the SDS-page loading buffer, it is convinent when going western blotting procedure.

The Sino Biological positive cell lysates includ proteins of human, mouse, rat, canine, Rhinopithecus, apes and so on. 3000+ cell lysates are on sell on the website. If your need the positive control for your immunoprecipitation in western blotting detection,please visit the www.Sino
For the IP kit if the taget has a cell lysate on cell we will supply it in the ip kit for free. For now,the tag antibody conjugated magnetic beads IP kit, we supply the positive cell lysate in every kit.

Preparation of Cell lysate For IP