Immunoprecipitation (IP)-Validated by Multiple Cells

For every Sino Biological immunoprecipitation antibody, followed most strictly quality control procedure. The first step is western blotting validated the antibody with recombinant protein, if it is qualified, it will be validated with several natural cell lysates or tissue lysates. After that the immunoprecipitation group will select the best immunoprecipitation antibody from the western blotting positive antibodies. When they select the immunoprecipitation antibody,they have to validated the antibody with several natural cell lysates or tissue lysates ,at last they choose the best for sell.

Here are tips for your choice of immunoprecipitation antibody:

1. A few places to begin your antibody search are antibody comparison sites (useful ones include Antibody Resource, Labome, and Antibodypedia) and search engines. Comparison sites allow you to weigh up cost and application data of multiple vendors in one place. Search both the gene and protein names of your target to turn up as many results as possible.
2. Look to the literature; do any publications already feature antibodies targeting your protein of interest? If so, be sure to include these in your comparison, keeping them at the top of your list. Use your judgment here, though—has the publication used the antibody in the application you intend to use it in? Is the data up to your standards? If the answer to any of these questions is no, consider your alternatives.
3. Your application and target of choice are usually good indicators of whether you will need a polyclonal or monoclonal antibody (see Box). They will also dictate what type of immunogen your antibody should have been raised against (see below). Being clear on these points from the outset will help you refine your search with ease.

Validated by multiple cells