Loading Control Antibodies for Western Blotting

Loading control antibodies are used as tools to ensure equal loading of a gel during western blot and are helpful when compare the western blot results qualitatively or quantitatively. Loading control antibodies are against loading controls which are usually encoded by housekeeping genes and express stably at high levels in many cell lines and tissues. Some common loading control antibodies include Actin, Beta Actin, COX IV, GAPDH, Histone H3, Alpha Tubulin and Beta Tubulin, etc.
Sino Biological offers reliable loading control antibodies with molecular weight from 16 kDa ~ 75 kDa, for the detection of whole-cell proteins, cytoplasmic proteins, mitochondrial proteins and nucleoproteins. In addition, we also offer Transferrin antibody which can be used as loading control in serum sample.

Why Choose Sino Biological Loading Control Antibodies?

  • EliteRmab® products ensure you get sensitive and reproducible results.
  • • Validated by multiple natural cells & tissues.
  • • Antigen blocking validation ensures the specificity.
  • • Fully validated in various applications.
  • • Applicable to different species: human, rabbit, mouse and rat, etc.

Find The Right Loading Control Antibodies

  • Expression factors - Make sure that the loading control is expressed ubiquitously at high levels in your samples and its level isn't affected by experiment conditions.
  • Expression location - Check carefully that the loading control and your protein of interest are expressed in same location.
  • Molecular weight - At least 5 kDa size difference between your protein of interest and the loading control ensures you can distinguish the bands.

Keep the above tips in your mind, and find the right loading control antibody for your experiments using the following table.

Sample type  Loading control MW(kDa)*
Whole cell GAPDH 36
actin 43
Beta actin 43
Alpha tubulin 50
Beta tubulin 55
Cyclophilin B 23
Cofilin 18
Nucleus PCNA 28
TBP 38
Lamin B1 66
YY1 45
Histone H3 18
Mitochondria VDAC1 / Porin 31
HSP60 60
Cytoplasm actin 43
Beta actin 43
Alpha tubulin 50
Beta tubulin 55
Cofilin 18
Serum Transferrin 77

*The listed molecular weight may vary in different species.

Featured Loading Control Antibodies, Your Unforgetful Choice!

Suitable for multiple cell & tissue lysates

GAPDH loading control antibody-western blot Western blot analysis of GAPDH expression in 13 types of cell & tissue lysates.
Primary antibody: Anti-GAPDH mouse monoclonal antibody (Cat: 100242-MM05) at 1:500 dilution.
Secondary antibody: Goat Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Dylight800) at 1/15000 dilution.
A: SHSY5Y whole cell lysate
B: Jurkat whole cell lysate
C: Hela whole cell lysate
D: MCF7 whole cell lysate
E: PC-3 whole cell lysate
F: Daudi whole cell lysate
G: A549 whole cell lysate
H: Rat heart tissue lysate
I: Rat liver tissue lysate
J: Rat spleen tissue lysate
K: Rat lung tissue lysate
L: Rat kidney tissue lysate
M: Rat brain tissue lysate

High sensitivity: still detects targeted proteins at 1:100,000 dilution

1:10,000 dilution 1:20,000 dilution 1:50,000 dilution 1:100,000 dilution
Beta-Tubulin loading control antibody-western blot Beta-Tubulin loading control antibody-western blot Beta-Tubulin loading control antibody-western blot Beta-Tubulin loading control antibody-western blot
Western blot analysis of Beta-Tubulin expression in HepG2 (A), Hela (B) and Raw246.7 (C) whole cell lysates.
Primary antibody: Anti-Beta-Tubulin mouse monoclonal antibody (100109-MM05T) at 1:10000, 1:20000, 1:50000, 1:100000 dilution.
Secondary antibody: Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG F(ab)2/HRP at 1/10000 dilution.