New Product Release

Vol. 2, Jul 2021

  • TIM3: A Co-inhibitory Checkpoint

    TIM3, a checkpoint receptor, is a novel target for cancer immunotherapy. Blockade of TIM3 can enhance the immune response in various types of cancer.

    Human TIM3: HPLC-10390-H08H
    Purity: > 95 % as determined by SEC-HPLC
    Anti-TIM3 Antibody
    Type: Rabbit MAb
    Ig: Rabbit IgG
    Type: Mouse MAb
    Ig: Mouse IgG2b
  • TIGIT: A Checkpoint at the Spotlight

    TIGIT is a co-inhibitory receptor expressed on lymphocytes and a key inhibitor against anti-tumor response. Blockade antibodies to TIGIT have been developed to exert a T-cell-mediated immune response against cancer cells.

    Human TIGIT: 10917-H08H
    • Bind to MITG7192A validated by Octet Assay
    • Bind to human CD155 (Cat#: 10109-H02H) and mouse CD155 (Cat#: 50259-M03H) validated by ELISA
  • CD36: A Biomarker for Cancer Metastasis

    CD36 plays essential roles in lipid homeostasis, angiogenesis, immune response, adhesion, and metastasis in cancer. It is an emerging biomarker and therapeutic target for cancer.

    Human CD36: HPLC-10752-H08H
    Purity: > 90 % as determined by SEC-HPLC
    Mouse CD36: 50422-M08H
    Purity: > 92 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
    Activity: Bind to human RSPO1 (Cat:11083-H08H)
    Anti-CD36 Antibody: 80263-T48
    Type: Rabbit PAb
    Application: WB,ELISA
    Ig: Rabbit IgG
  • LIV-1:A Novel ADC Target

    LIV-1 (Gene name: SLC39A6) is widely expressed in cancers and plays an essential role in maintaining zinc homeostasis. It is a promising candidate for ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugate) therapy.

    Cynomolgus LIV-1: 90978-C08H
    Purity: > 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
    Expressed Host: HEK293 Cell
    Anti-LIV-1 Antibody: 203773-T08
    Type: Rabbit PAb Application: IHC Ig: Rabbit IgG
  • CD47: A Prominent Target in Cancer Therapy

    CD47 is a transmembrane protein overexpressed on various cancer cells. The interaction of CD47 with SIRPα enables cancer cells to escape from macrophage-mediated phagocytosis.

    Human CD47: 12283-H08H
    Bind to human SIRPα (Cat:11612-H02H1) validated by ELISA assay
    Mouse CD47: 57231-M08H
    Activity: Bind to mouse SIRPα (Cat:11612-H02H1)
    Anti-CD47 Antibody:
    Type: Mouse MAb
    Application: FCM
    Ig: Mouse IgG1
  • CD96: A New Immune Checkpoint

    CD96 functions as an inhibitory receptor and is a promising cancer immunotherapy candidate. Together with co-inhibitory receptor TIGIT and co-stimulatory receptor CD226, CD96 forms a similar pathway as CD28/CTLA-4 to modulate anti-tumor immunity.

    Human CD96: 11202-H08H-B
    Bind to human CD155 (Cat#: 10109-H02H) validated by ELISA assay
    Mouse CD96: 50758-M08H
    Activity: Bind to mouse CD155

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