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Tips:We list all the enzymes proteins which have been produced.

Proteases Other Enzymes
Molecules Ptoducts Name
AARSD1 Human AARSD1 protein(His)    
ACP1 Human ACP1 protein(GST)    
ACP5 Human ACP5 protein(His) Mouse ACP5 protein(His)  
ACPP Human ACPP protein(His) Mouse ACPP protein(His)  
ALPI Human ALPI protein(Fc) Human ALPI protein(His)  
ALPL Human ALPL protein(His) Mouse ALPL protein(Fc) Mouse ALPL protein(His)
ALPP Human ALPP protein(His)    
ANXA5 Human ANXA5 protein    
ARSA Human ARSA protein(His) Mouse ARSA protein(His)  
ART1 Cynomolgus ART1 protein(His)    
ASAH2 Mouse ASAH2 protein(His)    
BLVRB Human BLVRB protein(His)    
CA10 Human CA10 protein(His&Fc) Human CA10 protein(His) Human CA10 protein
  Mouse CA10 protein(His)    
CA12 Human CA12 protein(His) Mouse CA12 protein(His)  
CA13 Human CA13 protein(His)    
CA14 Human CA14 protein(His) Mouse CA14 protein(His)  
CA2 Human CA2 protein(His) Mouse CA2 protein(His)  
CA3 Human CA3 protein(His)    
CA4 Human CA4 protein(His) Mouse CA4 protein(His)  
CA5A Human CA5A protein    
CA5B Human CA5B protein(His)    
CA7 Human CA7 protein(His)    
CA8 Human CA8 protein(His) Mouse CA8 protein(His)  
CA9 Human CA9 protein(Fc) Human CA9 protein(His) Mouse CA9 protein(His)
  Canine CA9 protein(Fc) Canine CA9 protein(His)  
CAT Human CAT protein(His)    
CD63 Human CD63 protein(His) Sus CD63 protein(Fc) Mouse CD63 protein(Fc,ECD)
  Mouse CD63 protein Rat CD63 protein(Fc) Rat CD63 protein(His)
  Cynomolgus CD63 protein(His)    
CEL Mouse CEL protein(His)    
CES1D Mouse CES1D protein(His)    
CES2 Human CES2 protein(His) Mouse CES2 protein(His)  
CHI3L1 Human CHI3L1 protein(His) Mouse CHI3L1 protein(His)  
CHI3L2 Human CHI3L2 protein(His)    
CHIT1 Human CHIT1 protein(His)    
CNPY2 Human CNPY2 protein(His)    
CTSA Human CTSA protein(His) Mouse CTSA protein(His)  
CTSB Human CTSB protein(His) Mouse CTSB protein(His) Rat CTSB protein(His)
CTSC Human CTSC protein(His)    
CTSD Human CTSD protein(His) Mouse CTSD protein(His)  
CTSE Mouse CTSE protein(His) Rat CTSE protein(His)  
CTSH Mouse CTSH protein(His)    
CTSL1 Human CTSL1 protein(His) Mouse CTSL1 protein(His)  
CTSS Human CTSS protein(His) Mouse CTSS protein(His) Rat CTSS protein(His)
CTSV Human CTSV protein(His)    
CTSZ Human CTSZ protein Mouse CTSZ protein(His)  
DARS Human DARS protein(His)    
DBH Human DBH protein(His)    
DUSP3 Human DUSP3 protein(His&GST) Human DUSP3 protein  
ENPP2 Human ENPP2 protein(His) Mouse ENPP2 protein(His) Cynomolgus ENPP2 protein(His)
ENPP3 Rhesus ENPP3 protein(His)    
ENPP5 Human ENPP5 protein(His)    
ENPP7 Human ENPP7 protein(His) Mouse ENPP7 protein(His)  
FKBP11 Human FKBP11 protein(Fc)    
FKBP14 Human FKBP14 protein(His)    
FKBP1A Human FKBP1A protein(His) Mouse FKBP1A protein(His)  
FKBP3 Human FKBP3 protein(GST)    
FKBP7 Human FKBP7 protein(Fc) Human FKBP7 protein(His)  
FUCA1 Human FUCA1 protein(His)    
GBA3 Human GBA3 protein(His)    
GFER Human GFER protein(His)    
GLA Human GLA protein(His) Mouse GLA protein(His)  
GLO1 Mouse GLO1 protein(His)    
GPX7 Human GPX7 protein(Fc)    
GST Schistosoma GST protein    
GSTM2 Human GSTM2 protein(His)    
GSTZ1 Human GSTZ1 protein(His)    
HAGH Human HAGH protein(His)    
HAO1 Human HAO1 protein(His)    
HDAC3 Human HDAC3 protein(His&GST)    
HDAC8 Human HDAC8 protein(GST) Mouse HDAC8 protein(His)  
HEXA Human HEXA protein(His)    
HPGD Human HPGD protein(His) Mouse HPGD protein(His)  
HPGDS Human HPGDS protein(His)    
IDS Human IDS protein(His)    
ILKAP Human ILKAP protein(His)    
LAMP1 Human LAMP1 protein(His) Rat LAMP1 protein(Fc)  
LAMP2 Human LAMP2 protein(His) Mouse LAMP2 protein(His) Cynomolgus LAMP2 protein(His)
LAMP3 Human LAMP3 protein(His) Rhesus LAMP3 protein  
LGMN Mouse LGMN protein Sus LGMN protein(His)  
LTA4H Human LTA4H protein(His) Mouse LTA4H protein(His)  
MVK Human MVK protein(His&GST)    
NAGA Human NAGA protein(His)    
NAMPT Human NAMPT protein(His&GST)    
NUDT5 Human NUDT5 protein(His)    
OTUB1 Human OTUB1 protein(His)    
OTUB2 Human OTUB2 protein(His)    
P4HB Human P4HB protein(His) Mouse P4HB protein(His)  
PCSK9 Human PCSK9 protein(His) Rhesus PCSK9 protein(His) Mouse PCSK9 protein(His)
  Rat PCSK9 protein(His)    
PIANP Human PIANP protein(Fc)    
PLA2G12B Mouse PLA2G12B protein(His)    
PLA2G1B Human PLA2G1B protein(His) Mouse PLA2G1B protein(His)  
PLA2G2A Human PLA2G2A protein(His) Mouse PLA2G2A protein(His)  
PLA2G2D Human PLA2G2D protein(Fc)    
PLA2G2E Mouse PLA2G2E protein(His)    
PLA2G7 Human PLA2G7 protein(His) Mouse PLA2G7 protein(His)  
PON3 Human PON3 protein(Ser/Asn,His)    
PPIA Human PPIA protein(His) Mouse PPIA protein(His)  
PPIB Human PPIB protein(His)    
PPM1A Human PPM1A protein(His) Mouse PPM1A protein(His)  
PPM1G Human PPM1G protein(His)    
PPP3CA Human PPP3CA protein(His)    
PPP3R1 Human PPP3R1 protein(His)    
PRDX1 Human PRDX1 protein(His) Mouse PRDX1 protein(His)  
PRDX2 Human PRDX2 protein(His)    
PRDX5 Human PRDX5 protein(His) Mouse PRDX5 protein(His)  
PRDX6 Human PRDX6 protein(His)    
PTP4A2 Human PTP4A2 protein(GST)    
PTPN1 Human PTPN1 protein(His)    
PTPN11 Mouse PTPN11 protein(His)    
PTPN12 Human PTPN12 protein(His&GST) Human PTPN12 protein  
PTPN2 Human PTPN2 protein(His&GST) Human PTPN2 protein Mouse PTPN2 protein(His)
PTPN6 Mouse PTPN6 protein(His&GST)    
PTPN9 Human PTPN9 protein(GST)    
PTPRA Human PTPRA protein(His&GST)    
PTPRC Human PTPRC protein(Fc) Mouse PTPRC protein(Fc) Mouse PTPRC protein(His&GST)
  Mouse PTPRC protein    
PTPRJ Human PTPRJ protein(His)    
RBBP4 Human RBBP4 protein(His)    
REG3A Human REG3A protein(His) Mouse REG3A protein(His) Rat REG3A protein(Fc)
  Rat REG3A protein(His)    
SIRT1 Human SIRT1 protein(His)    
SMPD1 Human SMPD1 protein(His) Mouse SMPD1 protein(His)  
SOD1 Human SOD1 protein(His)    
SOD2 Human SOD2 protein    
SPHK1 Human SPHK1 protein(His&GST) Human SPHK1 protein  
TPH1 Human TPH1 protein(His)    
TXN Human TXN protein Mouse TXN protein  
TXN2 Human TXN2 protein(His)    
TXNDC17 Human TXNDC17 protein    
TXNRD1 Human TXNRD1 protein(His)    
UBASH3B Human UBASH3B protein(His)    
UCHL1 Human UCHL1 protein(His) Mouse UCHL1 protein(His) Rat UCHL1 protein(His)
UCHL3 Human UCHL3 protein(His) Mouse UCHL3 protein(His) Rat UCHL3 protein(His)
USP30 Human USP30 protein(SUMO)    
USP46 Human USP46 protein(SUMO) Human USP46 protein  
USP5 Human USP5 protein(His)    
USP7 Human USP7 protein(His&GST) Human USP7 protein  
WARS Human WARS protein(His)    


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