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PIGR (Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 1q32.1. The human PIGR gene encodes an 83284 Da protein containing 764 amino acids. The PIGR protein is biasedly expressed in duodenum, colon and other tissues. Among its related pathways are IL4-mediated signaling events and Innate Immune System. PIGR is related to polymeric immunoglobulin receptor activity. FCAMR is an important paralog of PIGR gene. PIGR is associated with some diseases, including Protein-Energy Malnutrition and Periampullary Adenocarcinoma.

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        Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor, also known as PIGR, is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily and a Fc receptor. The ectodomain of this receptor consists of five units with homology to the variable units of immunoglobulins and a transmembrane region, which also has some homology to certain immunoglobulin variable regions. PIGR is expressed on several glandular epithelia including those of liver and breast. The deduced amino-acid sequence has a length of 764 residues and shows an overall similarity of 56% and 64% with the rabbit and rat counterpart. PIGR mediates transcellular transport of polymeric immunoglobulin molecules, and thus facilitates the secretion of IgA and IgM. During this process, a cleavage occurs that separates the extracellular (known as the secretory component) from the transmembrane segment of PIGR.

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