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REG3A (Regenerating Family Member 3 Alpha) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 2p12. REG3A is also known as HIP, PAP, PAP1, REG3, INGAP, PAP-H, PBCGF, HIP/PAP and REG-III. The human REG3A gene encodes a 19395 Da protein containing 175 amino acids. The REG3A protein is biasedly expressed in small intestine and duodenum. Among its related pathways are Innate Immune System and Defensins. REG3A is related to carbohydrate binding. REG3G is an important paralog of REG3A gene. REG3A is associated with some diseases, including Pancreatitis and Acute Pancreatitis.

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        Regenerating islet-derived protein 3-alpha, also known as Regenerating islet-derived protein III-alpha, REG-3-alpha, REG3A, and HIP, is secreted protein that contains one C-type lectin domain. REG3A is constitutively expressed in intestine, and is a pancreatic secretory protein that may be involved in cell proliferation or differentiation. It is overexpressed during the acute phase of pancreatitis and in some patients with chronic pancreatitis. REG3A and REG1A proteins are both involved in liver and pancreatic regeneration and proliferation. REG3A is also a stress protein involved in the control of bacterial proliferation. REG3A is down-regulated in most primary human gastric cancer cells, and might be useful in the diagnosis of gastric cancer. Additionally, REG3A is a target of beta-catenin signaling in Huh7 hepatoma cells. The REG1A and REG3A are downstream targets of the Wnt pathway during liver tumorigenesis.

        Reg3A 参考文献

        • Cavard C, et al. (2006) Overexpression of regenerating islet-derived 1 alpha and 3 alpha genes in human primary liver tumors with beta-catenin mutations. Oncogene. 25(4): 599-608.
        • Choi B, et al. (2007) Downregulation of regenerating islet-derived 3 alpha (REG3A) in primary human gastric adenocarcinomas. Exp Mol Med. 39(6): 796-804.

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