Stem Cell Research Antibody Rat Target

Rat VEGF164 / VEGFA Antibody Rat CD127 / IL-7RA Antibody
Rat CNTF Antibody Rat FGFR4 / FGF Receptor 4 Antibody
Rat DLL1 Antibody Rat EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody
Rat CD64 / FCGR1A Antibody Rat HER3 / ErbB3 Antibody
Rat CD16a / FCGR3A Antibody Rat VEGFR2 / Flk-1 / CD309 / KDR Antibody
Rat CD32b / Fc gamma RIIB / FCGR2B Antibody Rat LTBR / TNFRSF3 Antibody
Rat GM-CSF / CSF2 Antibody Rat TNFR1 / CD120a / TNFRSF1A Antibody
Rat GFRA1 Antibody Rat IL-1R2 / CD121b Antibody
Rat ICAM-1 / CD54 Antibody Rat IL-21 Antibody
Rat IL-1 beta Antibody Rat CD93 / C1qR Antibody
Rat CD86 / B7-2 Antibody Rat CD166 / ALCAM Antibody
Rat IL-1R1 / CD121a Antibody Rat CEACAM1 / CD66a Antibody
Rat E-Selectin / CD62e / SELE Antibody Rat IL3 / IL-3 Antibody
Rat Cystatin C / CST3 Antibody Rat CD111 / Nectin-1 / PVRL1 Antibody
Rat FAS / CD95 / APO-1 / TNFRSF6 Antibody Rat DSC2 Antibody
Rat TNF-alpha / TNFA Antibody Rat VE-Cadherin / CD144 / CDH5 Antibody
Rat Erythropoietin / EPO Antibody Rat CD48 / SLAMF2 Antibody
Rat Interleukin-2 / IL-2 Antibody Rat CD59 / CD59A / MAC / IP Antibody
Rat IL6 / IL-6 Antibody Rat EpCAM / TROP-1 / TACSTD1 Antibody
Rat HER2 / ErbB2 Antibody Rat CD6 / Cluster of Differentiation 6 Antibody
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Stem Cell Research Antibody-Mouse Target

Mouse Adiponectin / Acrp30 / ADIPOQ Antibody Mouse Gremlin 1 / GREM1 Antibody
Mouse ALCAM / CD166 Antibody Mouse CD127 / IL-7RA Antibody
Mouse ALK-3 / BMPR-1A / CD292 Antibody Mouse Inhibin beta A / INHBA / Activin A Antibody
Mouse CD14 Antibody Mouse KIT / c-KIT / CD117 Antibody
Mouse PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody Mouse Osteomodulin / OMD Antibody
Mouse CD34 Antibody Mouse CD31 / PECAM-1 Antibody
Mouse CD48 / SLAMF2 Antibody Mouse TROP-2 / TACSTD2 Antibody
Mouse CNTF / Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Antibody Mouse TNFSF10 / TRAIL / APO-2L
Mouse Endoglin / CD105 / ENG Antibody Mouse VCAM-1 / CD106 Antibody
Mouse FAS / CD95 / APO-1 / TNFRSF6 Antibody Mouse Carbonic Anhydrase II / Car2 Antibody

Stem Cell Research Antibody-Human Target

Human Oct4 / OCT-4 / OCT3 /POU5F1 Antibody Human BMP-4 Antibody
Human Sox2 Antibody Human CD147 / EMMPRIN / Basigin Antibody
Human bFGF / FGF2 Antibody Human CD157 / BST1 Antibody
Human Notch1 Antibody Human PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody
Human c-MET / HGFR Antibody Human E-Cadherin / CDH1 / E-cad / CD324 Antibody
Human NeuroD1 Antibody Human N-Cadherin / CD325 / CDH2 Antibody
Human Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin Antibody Human G-CSF / CSF3 Antibody
Human AFP / alpha-fetoprotein Antibody Human G-CSFR / CD114 / CSF3R Antibody
Human BMP-2 Antibody Human beta-Catenin / CTNNB1 Antibody
Human BMP-4 Antibody Human DLL1 / Delta-1 Antibody

Stem Cell Research Antibody- Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Cynomolgus IL-1R1 / CD121a Antibody Human LAMP1 / CD107a Antibody
Ferret CD20 / MS4A1 Antibody Human Lin28A Antibody
Ferret CD4 Antibody Human M-CSF / CSF-1 Antibody
Ferret CD8a Antibody Human NeuroD1 Antibody
Human ALPL Antibody Mouse Adiponectin / Acrp30 / ADIPOQ Antibody
Human CD13 / ANPEP Antibody Mouse CAMK4 / CaMKIV Antibody
Human CEACAM5 / CD66e Antibody Mouse CNTF / Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Antibody
Human c-Met / HGFR Antibody Mouse Nicastrin / NCSTN Antibody
Human Dkk3 / REIC Antibody Sus scrofa (Pig) IL-10 Antibody
Human EPOR Antibody Sus scrofa (pig) IL6 / IL-6 Antibody

Stem Cell Research Antibody- Immunoprecipitation / IP

Human MESDC2 Antibody Human EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody
Human Annexin VI / ANXA6 Antibody Human NOG Antibody
Human CD19 Antibody Human CD13 / ANPEP Antibody
Human SNCA / alpha-Synuclein Antibody Human CD31 / PECAM1 Antibody
Human AFP / alpha-fetoprotein Antibody Human Latexin / LXN / TCI Antibody
Mouse FGFRL1 / FGFR5 Antibody Human Galectin-1 / LGALS1 Antibody
Mouse Osteonectin / SPARC Antibody Human Carbonic Anhydrase II / CA2 Antibody
Mouse E-Cadherin / CDH1 / E-cad / CD324 Antibody Human IL3RA / CD123 Antibody
Rat CD48 / SLAMF2 Antibody Human DDR1 Kinase / MCK10 / CD167 Antibody
Cynomolgus CD166 / ALCAM Antibody Human TGF-beta 1 / TGFB1 Antibody


Stem Cells are characterised by their two properties of capability of renewing themselves and differentiating into a diverse range of cell types. Stem cell related antibody is an important means in the study of stem cells, stem cell related antibody provides the effective and fast method for stem cell separation, stem cell purification and identification of stem cell marker. The use of different stem cell related growth Factors, chemokines and cytokines in particular conditions on stem cells were induced toward a particular cell differentiation.

Antibodies to rat protein are important tool in research. Antibody to rat target on the market has played an important role in various fields of research. The rat animal model is very important in many disease studies, antibody rat protein will become the necessary research tools and methods.