Better performance for tag Immunoprecipitation (IP) KITs

Sino Biological MYC tag antibody can bind the C terminal and N terminal of Myc tag. Compared with the American brand, our myc tag immunomagnetic beads IP KIT is much better.Besides, we aslo have other tags antibodies conjugated immunomagnetic beads immunoprecipitation KIT, such as GST tag GFP tag HA tag V5 tag DYKDDDK tag .

The Sino Biological magnetic beads are much smaller than American brand, we can conjugate more antibodies to the magnetic beads, because its larger surface. For convenience, we selected a better beads than Polystyrene magnetic beads, our magnetic beads can be boiled at 100℃ for 10 minutes without falling of protein A/G/L.

Sino Biological Immunoprecipitation KITs are designed for immunoprecipitation complex immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) Chromatin immunoprecipitation (Ch-IP) and RNA immunoprecipitation (RNA-IP). We can also conjugate all the immunoprecipitation antibodies to our excellent magnetic beads as your request and pack a KIT for you.

There are more immunoprecipitation products online, sign in the web site if you are interest.

Better performance for tag IP KIT

For Myc tag IP,higher signals were observed in SB product.Moreover, no IgG breaks down from SB magnetic beads.
Product Product ID
Immunoprecipitation / IP Kit - Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A BA10600
Immunoprecipitation Kit - Immunomagnetic Beads Protein G BG13103
Immunoprecipitation Kit - Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A/G BAG001
Immunoprecipitation Kit - Immunomagnetic Beads Protein L BL11044
Immunoprecipitation Kit - MYC Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100029
Immunoprecipitation Kit - GFP Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB13105
Immunoprecipitation Kit - HA Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100028
Immunoprecipitation Kit - V5 Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100378
Immunoprecipitation Kit - GST Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB11213
Immunoprecipitation Kit - DYKDDDDK(Flag®)Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB101274