Western Blot Antibody Features

How to choose a good antibody for Western Blot? What's your consideration when selecting a Western Blot antibody? A good western blot antibody must have high specificity, ensuring the correct recognition of target protein; A good western blot antibody must pass the rigorous quality controls, ensuring accurate and reliable test results; A good western blot antibody must have high sensitivity, ensuring detection of low abundance protein. Luckily, Western Blot antibodies provided by Sino Biological have all these advantages.

What features are our Western Blot antibodies capable of?

All western blot / WB antibodies have been verified by many natural cell lysates, which fully verify their specificity, the result is more accurate and reliable. Western blot / WB antibodies of Sino Biological are screened from hundreds of antibodies. So they have high sensitivity and can detect very small amount of protein in cell lysate, helping to reduce false results and improve the success rate of the experiment. In addition, our Western blot / WB antibodies have a variety of applications, may be used for IHC, IP, FACS and IF tests. That save research funding and time to buy.

Binding to recombinant & native proteins

Some suppliers have used cell lysis which over express the target protein to prove antibody capable of binding to the protein. but the binding are not identical between the transfected cell lysate and the native cell lysate. An antibody if tested in whole cell lysis then it is worth buying. Western Blot analysis of BID protein
Western Blot analysis of recombinant BID protein (Left) and BID in a Jurkat cell lysate (Right) using BID antibody (Cat.No. 10468-MM02)

Being validated by various cell & tissue lysates

A target protein is not expressed in all natural cells, and expression of the protein in various cells is not the same, so the antibody you buy may not be able to detect the target protein in cell you need. The more results we offer the more reliable for your successful experiment. Western Blot analysis of various cell & tissue lysatesWestern Blot analysis of beta-tubulin in various cell & tissue lysates using beta-tubulin antibody (Cat.no. 100109-MM05T)

EliteRmab® products: based on 2nd generation of rabbit MAb technology

The availability of rabbit monoclonal antibodies is highly desirable for their high specificity and affinity, and greatly improved response to mouse antigens. In addition, rabbits are known to produce antibodies to many antigens that are not especially immunogenic in mice. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies also have other advantages, such as more diverse epitope recognition and improved immune response to small-size epitopes, compared with mouse monoclonal antibodies. affinity comparison of rabbit MAb and mouse MAb

Consistency between different batches

The properties of the antibody must be consistent between different batches, it is another important element of high quality antibodies. Different batches of SBI antibodies must undergo strict quality control before they can be sold, to ensure that customers can get correct results with any batch of the antibodies. antibodies bind changes in different batches

Suitable for additional applications including FACS, IHC, IP or IF

There are a variety of detection methods for antibody, and the method can verify each other. The western blot / WB antibodies can be verified by the method of IF, FAC(FC) and IHC. If one result of IF,FAC(FC) and IHC was correct, western blot / WB antibodies were validated that the the western blot / WB antibody is specific to target. multiple applications of the same antibody