ZIKV Membrane Proteins Research Reagents

The Zika virus is a member of the Flavivirus genus in the family Flaviviridae. The Zika virus genome encodes for a polyprotein with three structural proteins, capsid, premembrane/membrane, and envelope (including the envelope-154 glycosylation motif previously associated with virulence), and seven nonstructural proteins, NS1, NS2A, NS2B, NS3, NS4A, NS4B, and NS5 encodes for. The positive-sense RNA genome can be directly translated into viral proteins.

ZIKV Membrane Protein (1)

    ZIKV Membrane Lysate (1)

      ZIKV Membrane 分子背景

      Zika virus (ZIKV) infection causes microcephaly and has been linked to other brain abnormalities. ZIKV has a more selective and larger impact on the expression of genes involved in DNA replication and repair. P53 inhibitors can block the apoptosis induced by ZIKV-M in hNPCs.

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