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Zika Virus non-structural protein 1 (ZIKV NS1), one of seven non-structural proteins, plays an essential role in viral RNA replication and immune evasion. The NS1 protein is initially translated as a monomer, becomes glycosylated in the ER and subsequently forms a dimer that can potentially traffic to multiple distinct locations within the cell. NS1 is essential for RNA replication of flaviviruses as well as for immune evasion. While NS1 elicits the generation of protective antibodies, it is also involved in direct and antibody‐mediated attack onto target cells.

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        Zika virus NS1 antigen is one of seven non-structural proteins. NS1 is involved in RNA replication. The possible effects of NS1 on hosts include: localizes to host cell surface and secreted extracellularly, modulates signalling of the innate immune system, has possible damages to platelets and endothelial cells through anti-NS1 antibodies.

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