Description of Risk-sharing Protein Production

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Description of Risk-sharing Protein Production

Risk-sharing Protein Production: Selection Criteria

If a gene or protein is in the public domain without any IP issue, customer can still choose to do the project as a custom production project. Customer can also request the project be treated as a risk-sharing or risk-free production. For majority of the protein production projects, we will be willing to share the risk and cost of protein development with our customers. For some projects that meet our criteria of high public interests, we will be willing to cover the full cost of development and offer a risk free option to customer.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Project Request

When sending us your protein production request, please kindly provide as much information as possible on the protein, including gene sequence, species, purification tag options, preferred expression systems, intended use and quality requirement, quantity of protein needed, and expected time for usage. Please also specify your preference of custom production, risk-sharing production, or risk-free production. We will evaluation the information and get back to you quickly on which model we prefer for the production project.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Quotation

We will also provide a quote on the protein production project request. The quotation typically includes expression host, purification tag selection, quantity of protein deliverable, quality specification, time of production, and cost associated with the service.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Process

A pilot protein production study will be carried out first to evaluate the feasibility of protein expression and process scale-up. If the protein fails to express well after a couple of small scale trials. The production project will be terminated. Upon successful demonstration of feasibility, a formal quote for bulk production will be provided and upon acceptance of the quote, large scale production batches will be carried out to produce a pre-determined amount of protein for the customer.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Customer's Cost, Risk, and Exclusivity

Customer for the risk-sharing protein production project will share only 50% of the cost for the pilot study. In exchange of sharing 50% of the pilot study cost and risk, the customer will gain a 12-months exclusivity on the protein product produced. The protein will not be available to other customers.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Project Status / Progress Update

Upon receiving customer's acceptance of the pilot study quotation and an official PO, we will the pilot feasibility study and update the status of the production process. Customers can also log-in their account to check status on-line.

Risk Sharing Protein Production: Payment

Payment for the 50% pilot study cost sharing is due prior to initiation of the study. Payment for the purchasing of the bulk protein is due after receiving of the bulk product.

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