Drug targets for Cancer: CA-125

Drug Targets for Cancer: CA-125 and Cancer

CA-125 is a cell-surface high molecular weight (MW) mucin (MUC16) that is expressed by over 80% of nonmucinous epithelial ovarian cancers, and changes in its value are closely associated with disease recurrence and progression. MUC16 expression has been directly correlated with platinum resistance and tumor invasiveness. Antibodies against CA-125 have been raised and used as immunogens in a variety of studies. Antibodies used as cancer immunotherapy can initiate tumor antigen-specific immune responses and have been shown to induce antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity, trigger the idiotypic network and promote antibody-targeted cross-presentation of tumor antigens.

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Grisham RN, et al. Abagovomab: an anti-idiotypic CA-125 targeted immunotherapeutic agent for ovarian cancer. Immunotherapy. 2011;3(2):153-162.

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