LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human

Temporarily not available outside of China.The online Datasheet here is only a general version, for batch specific information please refer to the hard copy included in the product shipping package.

LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human: 产品信息

LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA (quantitative)
2.43 pg/mL
4.69-300 pg/mL
Recognizes both recombinant and natural Human LEC/CCL16
  Intra-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 32.00 64.00 145.00
SD 1.17 2.51 5.53
CV(%) 4.2% 4.2% 3.9%
  Inter-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 43.83 69.60 156.75
SD 3.06 2.31 6.03
CV(%) 8.8% 3.7% 4.3%
The recovery of Human CCL16 spiked to different levels throughout the range of the assay in related matrices was evaluated.
serum (n=3)
Average % Recovery
  Recovery of detected
1:2 93%
1:4 102%
1:8 105%
1:16 113%
ELISA 试剂盒(即用型)组分
1. 96 well microplate coated with Capture Antibody
2. Detection Antibody conjugated to HRP
3. Standards
4. Wash Buffer Concentrate
5. Dilution Buffer Concentrate
6. Color Reagent A
7. Color Reagent B
8. Stop Solution
This LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of Human LEC/CCL16 protein in Serum . It contains recombinant Human LEC/CCL16, and antibodies raised against the recombinant protein. This ELISA kit is complete and ready-to-use.
This ELISA Kit is shipped at ambient temperature.
Unopened Kit: Store at 2 - 8℃
Opened/Reconstituted Reagents: Please refer to CoA

LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human: 图片

This standard curve is only for demonstration purposes. A standard curve should be generated for each assay.
This assay recognizes both recombinant and natural Human CCL16. The factors listed below were prepared at 50 ng/mL in dilution buffer and assayed for cross-reactivity. No cross-reactivity was observed.

LEC/CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human: 别称

CCL16 ELISA Kit, Human; CKb12 ELISA Kit, Human; HCC-4 ELISA Kit, Human; ILINCK ELISA Kit, Human; LCC-1 ELISA Kit, Human; LEC ELISA Kit, Human; LMC ELISA Kit, Human; Mtn-1 ELISA Kit, Human; NCC-4 ELISA Kit, Human; NCC4 ELISA Kit, Human; SCYA16 ELISA Kit, Human; SCYL4 ELISA Kit, Human

LEC/CCL16 背景信息

CCL16, a chemokine poorly characterized at the functional level. Human CCL16 is a member of the CC family, and its gene maps to human chromosome 17q. In the mouse, only a pseudogene has been identified to date. CCL16 is a functional ligand for CCR1, CCR2, CCR5, and CCR8. Recombinant CCL16 demonstrated chemotactic activity on human monocytes and lymphocytes. Based on the ability of human chemokines to exert activity on and bind to murine receptors, the TSA mouse adenocarcinoma cell line was transfected with human CCL16 cDNA and, in comparison with other cytokines, was shown to be the faster inducer of systemic immune response due to massive, prompt infiltration of leukocytes.
chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 16
  • Guiducci C, Di Carlo E, Parenza M, et al. Intralesional injection of adenovirus encoding CC chemokine ligand 16 inhibits mammary tumor growth and prevents metastatic-induced death after surgical removal of the treated primary tumor[J]. The Journal of Immunology, 2004, 172(7): 4026-4036.
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