Anti-Gtf2f2 Magnetic Beads Immunoprecipitation (IP) Kit

Temporarily not available outside of China.

Anti-Gtf2f2 磁珠免疫沉淀(IP)试剂盒产品组分

Components Storage
Anti-Gtf2f2 Magnetic Beads1,3 2-8℃ for 12 months
NP40 Cell Lysis Buffer2 -20℃ for 12 months
Alkaline Elution Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months
Acidity Elution Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months
Neutralization Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months

【1】The IP KIT contains anti-Gtf2f2 magnetic Beads (2 mg/mL) in phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.4) with sodium azide (0.1%).

【2】Using NP-40 cell lysate buffer in the kit is required,otherwise,the magnetic beads may be precipitated.

【3】Shipping: Magnetic Beads kits are shipped at ambient temperature in which magnetic beads are provided in liquid buffer.

Anti-Gtf2f2 磁珠免疫沉淀(IP)试剂盒产品描述

The Anti-Gtf2f2 magnetic Beads, conjugated with Anti-Gtf2f2 antibody, are used for immuneprecipitation (IP) of Gtf2f2 proteins which expressed in vitro expression systems. For IP, the beads are added to a sample containing Gtf2f2 proteins to form a bead-protein complex. The complex is removed from the solution manually using a magnetic separator. The bound Gtf2f2 proteins are dissociated from the magnetic beads using an elution buffer.

Anti-Gtf2f2 磁珠免疫沉淀(IP)试剂盒抗体信息

Anti-Gtf2f2 Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal(204121-T46)
E. coli-derived Human Gtf2f2 fragment
Human Gtf2f2
Polyclonal Human Rabbit IgG
Produced in rabbits immunized with E. coli-derived Human Gtf2f2 fragment, and purified by antigen affinity chromatography.
Immunoprecipitation (IP), Minimum Protein Purification

Gtf2f2 背景信息

TFIIF (also termed FC) is a general transcription initiation factor that binds to RNA polymerase II and recruits it to a promoter. It promotes transcription elongation. TFIIF is a heterodimer composed of 74-kDa (RAP74; gene symbol GTF2F1) and 30-kDa (RAP30; gene symbol GTF2F2) subunits. The GTF2F1 and GTF2F2 gene are located on human chromosome 19p13.3 and 13q14.12-q14.13, respectively. The GTF2F2 subunit shows ATP-dependent DNA-helicase activity. The GTF2F2 (General Transcription Factor IIF Subunit 2) gene is conserved in chimpanzee, Rhesus monkey, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish, fruit fly, mosquito, C.elegans, and frog. 224 organisms have orthologs with human gene GTF2F2.
general transcription factor IIF subunit 2
  • Aso T, et al. (1993) Assignment of the human gtf2f1 gene to chromosome 19p13.3. Genomics 16 (1): 252-253.
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